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Any good IEM with (noise cancelling mic) ?

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Pretty much title says it all, Im searching for a good quality IEM with a noise cancelling mic! I work in a server room, and would like to block out all the noise while im talking on the phone!

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The Harmen Kardon AE offers great soundquality for the price and mic.......

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Etymotic HF3 may fulfill your needs.

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Thank you both for the suggestions, have you guys tried those IEMs? does the mic do a good job with cancelling noise around you?

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Truth be told...

I based my choice on my past experience with this unit:


It may better fulfill your needs.

Example, I could drive with the window down and it could not be detected by people on the phone with me.

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I think you're asking for too much or I have misunderstood your question. First up I have the HF3 and they are good noise isolating earphones and okay on the phone. But as far as I know the only active noise cancelling buds don't have a mic for phone use, only cut background noise. I also have Bose QC15 with the iPhone cable. These are active noise cancelling but the active mic is in the headset and the phone mic is in the cable. For use in your server room these may be a better proposition.

I also have the phone cable for my Shure 535s. These are very good at isolating too and I prefer them to the HF3. I've used them in noisy malls a few times and they work very well but still not as good as the Bose which would work out cheaper and more effective than the Shures.

Goodluck with your search.
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"Jpfe8851" thank you for the reply! I was wondering about a good noise cancelling "MIC" not the headphones, of course I also want good phones, but my main priority here is the MIC, MIC needs to be a good noise cancelling MIC to block out all the server noise when im on a call so the other end wont hear all the  "wooooooshhhhhhhh" from the servers ;)

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Ah hah.. That's a good one. Of course the mic has to pick up your voice and I guess by extension will also transmit the background noise somewhat. Just like road noise in the car. But from my experience with all the sets I mentioned, none of them amplify my voice back into my ears, only to the person on the line. So you'll block out most if not all noise to you but some must still go to the other party IMHO.

BUT, when neither of you are talking, I am sure you will hear noise back from them and they may from you. Just the nature of the way phones seem to work.

I'd love to defer to more experienced audiophiles on this now as all I am spruiking is my thoughts from experience which very untechnical.
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This is an old post, but I've been on a search for such a mic with a headset.
There aren't any that tout a noise canceling MIC, but you'd thing they'd have an aftermarket cable with this feature; I'd snatch one up in a heartbeat. Until then, some mics perform better than others. Off the good:
Bose MEI2
UE900 blue Cable

For over ears:
Logitech g933 (best I've tested)
UE9000 Bluetooth

The BAD:
MONSTER/beats controltalk on turbine pros. I've never owned any beats, so I couldn't say about them
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