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Originally Posted by Doc-holliday View Post
If they have the HD 25-1 II at bestbuy by some miracle, try those too.


My Best Buy has a primary display up front with lots of Beats and other more trendy phones in the mobile phone section of the store. But literally hidden in the back is another listening station setup with some Sennheisers (forget which model) and the Pioneer HDJ-2000s that don't have ANC, but would be representative of the isolation and passive noise cancellation of many of the other headphones mentioned in this thread.


If your store has such a display, it would give you an idea about whether or not you need headphones with ANC. And if you report back here and let people know which headphones did work for you in that regard (as well as whether or not you liked the SQ of any of them), people could tell you if your top choices so far would achieve similar results. 

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Unfortunately they did not have HD-25-1s at Best Buy, however they did have qc15s and I decided to get them because if I don't enjoy them I can just return them within 30 days for a full refund. In which time I might try and order HD-25s somehow and maybe the ones you suggested but so far I am really enjoying my qc15s, way better than my beats solos, and I imagine they are better than the beats studios I was originally going to get before I posted on here. And yes I didn't know the difference between noise cancellation and noise isolation, noise isolation would be could enough I imagine but like I said I'm pretty new to these good headphones and I'm not quite sure which ones would be better for me. Two problems I do have with the qc15s so far is they look kind of silly right above the ears and they aren't the greatest for portability. One last thing your JVCs look pretty good. I like the look of it and they look pretty comfortable. Might have to give those a shot somehow.

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At my best buy they had all the Beats, Skullcandies, Bose, etc on the same shelf right be each other. I didn't see any other headphones suggested to me on here at the store besides the qc15s. They even had a small Sennheiser shelf too but the best looking ones there were the 280s, didn't see any other ones sadly.

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Not where I live :/ they told me they were sold out

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Impressive, Ive never seen a triple post before smily_headphones1.gif

Ok well let me just lay something out for you. With the price you just paid you can get the following:

JVC's -- 75 bucks here:

AND you could get a whole other pair for home use or even a new ipod or a downpayment on a smartcar.....

TRUST ME on sound quality even buying "blind" getting those JVC's or even the HD-25 are going to sound night and day to the bose.

But then again, we all have different tastes. If you are enjoying the SOUND of the bose there is no real reason to change unless looks are that important to you. In either case, I wish you luck. Over to you.

Ciao for now.
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Yeah I'm really tempted to try out those JVCs, if they are as good as you say they are then that is a steal. I could maybe bring those to school and have qc15s for home and just sell the beats. Also I try to reply to everyone that posts here so that's the reason for the triple post.

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IMHO, noise cancellation is a messy idea. That is, let's let the noise in, detect it and generate a signal to cancel it. Which, in my limited experience with noise cancelling phones, adds a buzzing sound to what you are hearing, not to mention the weight and ugliness of the noise detector (a microphone somewhere on the cord or headband or wherever). Really, get IEM's (inner ear monitors). Headphones mounted in an earplug. It's called passive noise cancellation, because it blocks out the noise in the first place (earplug) instead of trying to fight it after it arrives. Passive may not sound as sexy as active but it is measurably better--more decibels defeated. I like Shure IEMs, the SE series. Get these for $300 and you will be ever so happy. Shures have better bass than Etymotics. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/shure-se425-sound-isolating-earphones Remember, if you get IEMs, you have to try every sleeve to find the right fit for your particular ears. Wrong fit, bad bad bad sound.
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