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Anyone please?
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Here's my case....


I already have a pair of creative aurvana live!, a pair of Sony mdr v6 and a pair of akg k518dj (same as the k81's).


Being the worst of the three Too much bass and too recessed mids and highs) my akg's have not been having much action on the last months and since they are almost new i am planning on selling them or trade.


If i am going to trade them i want to get something portable as well, This week i had 2 offeres to trade my akg's... the srh440's and the uptown.


From what i have read the uptown's sound good and are amazing in build quality, design and confort, but it seems that the cabçe has ruined everything. I really like them but also i want to get something that will last at least for a year as a portable option.


The srh440 seems like they sound good, are very well built, but are not very good for portbale use and are very uncomfortable.


Unfortunatelly i dont have any of these 2 in my country (Portugal) so i really must trust on the feedback i get.


So for someone who listens to all types of music (with a special emphasis on eletronica, house, progressive and trance) Wich one would you recomend?


Are any of these two a worthy replacement for my akg's or should i just keep the k518's?


All help is more than appreciated... :)


Thank you very much...

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I have no experience with the Philips, but I really like the Shure 440.


i don't think they are uncomfortable at all. And there are some nice "mods" to make them better. One is buying the Shure SRH 840 ear pads. The change takes one minute and it improves the sound and especially the comfort. 


If you want more bass, then the 440 are your friend as well, closing the bass vents on the cover protecting the driver (when you take the pads off) one by one until you reach the bass level you want. Very easy as well. And voila you have dramatically improved the 440.




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Thank you KoolPep... :)


I have to admit that although they are not very good looking i am leaning a bit towards the shure's since they seem to have bette audio quality than the philips... based on reviews of course... Still have not tried any....

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Any other opinions opinions? Other suhestions of good cheap portables besides these two?
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