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Let this thread serve as a general android discussion if you would..

I bought a Samsung galaxy s3 recently. Like the phone so far, but I would like to make it sound as good as I can.
As far as modifications to software, for this phone, the only thing I have found is the "Awesome beats" program that was in the rom I'm running, which is a mod of dsp manager with the beats by Dre audio effects incorporated into it. I am skeptical of it. Everything labeled "beats" to me screams terrible and distortion of audio quality. I've tried enabling it but didn't notice any difference with stock player or Mixzing.
I had the Project Voodoo sound enabled kernal on my last Android phone, which was wonderful, and helped greatly in boosting the output without distortion and kept everything warm and clean. He hasn't released it for the s3 yet.. anything worth trying I am missing?

What's good? I want something with a 10 band eq that can play flacs. Been using mixzing but it can't use eq with flax
Currently trying jet audio. It works alright but I occasionally hear faint crackling from the program, and the eq is very stiff. 1dB incraments only. It has a 20 band eq in the full version I might try..
What's your preference?