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I Need some EQ help!

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sorry bothering you all but I dont know anything about EQ and Im getting sooo frustrated, have been playing round with it for ages with no result.


Im looking for a laid back sound signature. I mean reeeally laid back, warm, thick and a little bit of that darkness, when it feels like voices goes back in the speaker again (if you know what I mean). I have a Cowon C2 and Monster Turbine Gold by the way.


I would appreciate a lot if anyone could help me with some setting or if you already have one.

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hey, I'm no expert but I have the high and low frequencies the loudest and the middle having points that go below or over 0 in a sine wave kind of motion so you can give that a go. It works well right now I'm listening to mellow G-Funk, but it depends on the pair of headphones, I use XB500s and actually have to lower the low frequencies to avoid distortion. If you lower the higher frequencies though, it will give a more smooth, chilled sound. Just experiment with it.

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The characteristics you mention are generally attributed to headphones/earphones. You can achieve some of that through EQ, but I doubt you can get the headphones to change into something they're not.

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We meet again monsterask. wink.gif

Luckily after weeks of trial and error I have been able to tame Cowon's Jet effect's. Which by all means is not an easy task even for someone with EQ experience, at first I almost threw mine out the window several times. The trick behind Cowon's EQ which they never bother to explain is.. "less is more". The least you adjust jet effects the more you will gain because they tend to colour the sound in very artificial ways if not used sparingly. This especially apply's to the EQ sliders themselves.

Where you want to start is with a completely flat EQ, leaving the five settings at 0. Turn MP enhance off, BBE, and Mach3Bass. Then slowly add some back in small amounts until you develop something close. (preferably leaving MP enhance off full time for this application)

Try this setting.

80Hz - 0 - Normal
220Hz - 0 - Normal
1.1kHz - 0 - Normal
1.8kHz - 0 - Normal
11.7kHz - 0 - Normal

BBE + 4
Mach3Bass + 4
3D Surround - Off
MP enhance - Off

Stereo enhance - Off
Reverb - Off
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