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Any closed over ears for €100?

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As you will probably see, i am a newby on this forum, i am living in the Netherlands. Before i start i want to excuse myself for my bad English and probably long post.


I have been looking a long time for a headphone that will fit my needs completely. I am not an audiophile at all, but when i am listening to music i want it to be a pleasuring and comfortable experience. I am just afraid to make a decision on my own, because i can only spend my money once.


The headphones that i am looking for has to be an closed, over ear type with a warm sound, but it also has to fit an poor student's budget.


Like i said i want a warm sound, and when i mean warm, i mean a good bass, great mids and clear highs, but the bass may not be too overwhelming like the xb-500's. I also want headphones who will not leak extremely much sound. 


I will use the headphone at home, but the headphone has to be portable enough to walk the dog with. I will use the headphone with my laptop, my phone and my Sansa Clip so the cable has to be around 1,2 meters. 


The headphones i have on my mind:

- Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 (Some of you guys are not that negative about it as the other ones, i know the most of you does not like SK.)

- Philips Uptown 

- Pioneer se-mj 751 (i know it is not over ear, thats why i have my doubts on this one)

- Sennheiser hd 419 


The genres i listen to:

- Dubstep

- Pop

- Singer/songwriter

- Indie/Rock

- Instrumentals etc.

- Folk


For example; The headphone needs to handle Mumford and Sons but also Florence and the Machine, Skrillex/Datsik or Rihanna


Please could someone give their opinion on the listed headphones? If some of you have other options on their mind, please do not hesitate to tell them.






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Nobody has to say something? frown.gif
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No reactions yet, thats too bat.
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All of Senn's cans are warm. Haven't heard the Hesh 2.0 but I've heard its quite good. Stay away from Philips and Pioneer, they're notoriously crappy. 


Another you could go for is an AKG K240 Studio. Very warm and nice, easily driven out of an iPod, and they're ridiculously comfortable.

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CAL! I have them, they're amazing for inside use, lots of good bass, somewhat recessed mids, good highs. due to low isolation they're not amazing when used in busy environments outside

They're insanely comfortable too!

EDIT: I read € as £...

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My day to day listeners are Fostex T50RPs which seem to fit the bill.

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Originally Posted by Nixon View Post

My day to day listeners are Fostex T50RPs which seem to fit the bill.

The K240 is better though. The T50RP is kinda bleh without modding, and it <needs> an amp...

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Thanks for the reactions! Last week I made my decision and I bought the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0.
I personally thing they are great for only 70 euros.

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