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Nuforce HDP vs Maverick D2 + A1 combo

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I have around $500 and I'd like some advice on a complete headphone amp solution (I'm driving a HD650 and AKG K701). My choices right now are:


Nuforce Icon HDP








The Maverick Audio A1 + D2 Combo

Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 Hybrid Integraged Amplifierd2_front.jpg




The HDP has had some rave reviews, but since it's so much smaller and an integrated unit, I'm have doubts as to whether it could compare against the larger and discrete Maverick Combo.


Any advice and guidance would be highly appreciated, thanks.

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Be interested to see opinions on this. I've been looking to purchase one or the other..

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Did you ever end up making your choice?

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I ended up buying the HDP. Although I have no comparison, I can say that the HDP sounds good with a pair of K701 and HD650s.
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Thanks for letting me know vysis, you're awesome for checking back on your threads haha.

I have the Maverick TubeMagic D2,

First i was planning on picking up the A1 but realized i never liked the whole tube sound, im becoming a little dubious.


Running Audioengine A5 on the D2 right now, sounds great.


Thinking of getting the NuForce Icon HDP for myself to replace the Maverick D2 i have. (OPA627 opamps)


That way i can get a dac/amp all in one simple item. Plus NuForce has always had great reputation with their products.


Since you're a HDP owner, do you recommend this? I can grab a new Icon HDP for $350.


Afterwards, i can test the two to see which is the better choice. Icon HDP vs Maverick D2.


I will have to end up selling the one that loses.

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I bought mine for $500 and I'm relatively happy with it, so I'd think $350 is a steal.

Once again, I can't compare it with anything but I do think it's a good product. It did give my headphones a nice boost, I won't say it changed the way I listen to music or anything (Contrary to most people here, I doubt any amp could make such a difference) but the improvement is definitely there. One of my concerns was the aesthetics of the product (since it'll be sitting on my desk) and it lives up well on that point. The silicon stand is kinda ugly, but the device itself is top notch.

If you have the money, I think you should check it out, it's definitely a good device.
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