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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I forgot the CAL too! tongue.gif


But it's such good value!

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You can always buy it later.

Acquiring Annie comes first! very_evil_smiley.gif
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I want a pair of these based on the would fact that Mad Lust Envy posted a sizable impression in the HE400 thread talking about how they were the perfect headphone. Did I mention how damn sexy they are? I haven't much looked at AKGs before bud daaaaaayummmm, these are one fine looking can, the similar models look good too but the blue on black sticks out very nicely. Also who doesn't like owning something limited edition? Makes one feel pretty exclusive wink.gif
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AKG BETTER PAY MY ARSE!! biggrin.gif

As for me, I never considered myself a. AKG guy. I honestly bought the Annie as a balanced alternative to the HE400s more fun sound. Yet, when I heard them, I got balance AND fun. It was shocking.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

AKG BETTER PAY MY ARSE!! biggrin.gif



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You posted a decent sized review in another headphones appreciation thread, they have to be good right?
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Gah, I was overly excited about how surprising they were. Im still very excited. Im at work and I can't wait to get back to them. Lol.

Sadly, today and tomorrow are A40 testing days, so my time with the Annie will be brief.
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If you mean the 2013 Astros you will be severely disappointed. I like them for gaming because I just wanted a complete package with no BS but they can't hold a candle to my HD558s, the HDs are miles ahead. Don't expect too much. They do what they are suppose too and music sounds decent but they aren't Sennhesiers. /

OK.. That wasn't fair, they are a good gaming headphone but they won't sound good after listening to the AKGs so much.
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I have had them for a few weeks now, I'm prepping to review them in a few days. They sound fine. I scale back and focus on a headphone's own merits. Of course, they won't hold a candle to the AKGs. tongue.gif I don't like to compare things that aren't comparable like that. biggrin.gif
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I'm interested in seeing how a modded Q701 (Annie pads and headband) compares to the real thing.  Who's first?


The amp used in the review was Musical Fidelity X-Can V8.


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Originally Posted by chicolom View Post


It's going to be a close race.  First to either ~$400 for me or 3000 for AKG.


I hope I win biggrin.gif


lol. good one.

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If they're popular I highly doubt AKG will only sell 3000.


$400 is way too much when you're broke. It took me weeks of deciding even if I should be buying a Magni.


Maybe if I sell my house I'll reward myself with one.


It'll be interesting to compare it to my Q701. $400 is more than I want to spend. That's close to my record purchase of $425 for an ATH-AD2000.


I guess I don't listen to music enough to justify spending $400 on a headphone.


A mix of something like the HD-650 (non-bloated bass version) and a K702 sounds interesting.


I can't wait to hear all the comments about people saying there is no difference between the Q701 and the 65th version confused_face.gif

Usually it ends up with them referring to graphs and PDF files. Or better yet..in store demos.


So..I'm surprised there is no shouty mids with the 65th with the pads not being angled. Non-angled pads is a big no-no on the Q701. So it must be the memory foam pads making it sound OK.


BTW everyone here seems to highly praise a headphone and then get rid of it within a month. To me a sign of a good headphone is one that you've kept for years. Going past year one with the Q701. Three with my DJ100. K601 i've owned more, but has much less use than my Q701.


Q701 will never go anywhere of course unless the 65th is better to my ears. Sometimes the HD-650 is just too addicting and smooth sounding to use over the Q701. Maybe I'm turning into an old man. Still love both. HD-650 seems not as accurate sometimes though. Don't care..

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Do the K702 65 drivers still have bubbles on them? tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by chicolom View Post

Do the K702 65 drivers still have bubbles on them? tongue.gif

Wait bubbles take some time to develop i guess biggrin.gif


Thinking in getting a third K702 but ANV this time, "the limited thing rolleyes.gif "

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Here are some bubbles on my Q701 driver.



Q701 Driver.jpg

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