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I was considering trying a pair and looked into.  It seems they still are in production but being made in China.  Don't know it the same quality is still there.

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Did they really move production of the Anniversary Edition to China? I thought the 'Made in Vienna' was one aspect of that edition... plus being a limited production run.

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I can't answer about the Anniversary Edition.  I just briefly researched 702s in general.  Sorry.  Ask AKG.

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That would be in line with my information, i.e. K702 moving to China, K712 and K812 being built in Vienna. Thanks for the clarification.

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Wow, I thought AKGs were only manufactured in Austria. I wonder if the prices are lower for those made in China?

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No, I think they would not even have enough production capacity here (I live in Vienna).
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Originally Posted by pirarucu View Post

Are the AKG K702 still in production or discontinued by the manufacturer?




still in production


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AKG 702 are still in production. Made in China.

AKG 702 65th Anniversary Edition are discountinued, limited to 6000 units. Made in Austria.

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