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Originally Posted by tdockweiler View Post

Don't be tempted to use metal objects! I made that mistake once and damaged a grill.

Tape rarely works for some reason.


I know it sounds silly, but swipe some of those Priority Mail tags from the post office. Place it on the grill and rotate counter clock-wise. They are less sticky (no residue) but work well.


Of course re-use it when you're done because it's not really legal unless you're planning on shipping something out regular_smile%20.gif As if they'd care...


I ended up just taking 2 toothpicks and putting them in the grille and it came off so easily lol... I feel stupid now for wasting all that time trying to get it off by hand.


Blew in there a little bit to get any possible debris out and the rattling seems to be gone for the moment... but then again, most of the time it will come back, heh.


Amazon gave me a return label so I can ship em' off I want to any time before the 24th when the 'return window' ends... but the thing is I can't get an exchange. Would have to get a full refund and buy them again from somewhere.

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You know what's really annoying? I swear that every DAC i've had is unusable with any of my USB ports. I was sitting here grumpling about how completely lifeless my Anniversary was. Turns out I had it temporarily attached straight to my laptop which has really TERRIBLE ports.


No that's not why my Anniversary originally sounded bad and I wish it was that simple!


So obviously for the ODAC, Modi and HRT MSII I've always had to use a powered USB Hub. How lame..


I swear that someday i'll switch to SPDIF, but my laptop or desktop doesn't have that type of connection (yet).


Funny how the Modi is the best DAC I've had yet. Can't wait to see what the Bifrost is like. I've found that DACs usually play the biggest role for me in my setup and is more likely to be colored.


I wonder how many laptops have an optical output. Probably about zero. Not getting a Macbook Pro just for a Bifrost normal_smile%20.gif

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Just tried out the headphones without the grilles on and it really sounds like the bass is deeper, I like how it sounds.

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Eh... looks like I'm going to be returning them. Rattling keeps coming back and return period ends on the 24th so might as well do it while I can.


Will most likely just buy another pair of Annies after I get my refund.

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Originally Posted by pervysage View Post

Eh... looks like I'm going to be returning them. Rattling keeps coming back and return period ends on the 24th so might as well do it while I can.


Definitely wise desicion.

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I guess my set of K702 Annies has either broken in, or more likely, my brain has gotten use to them, since now I have no complaints about the elevated bass level that I heard during the first week that I owned them.  I thought that they were around +2db (too much for me) below 200Hz, but now they seem pretty much even with the midrange.  But compared to the ATH-M50s and DT770PRO80Ohm, the K702 Annies sound really bass-light!  Could be my DAC/Amp though...


Sometimes they sound 'warm', and other times they sound 'cold'.  My current DAC is a CEntrance DACport, which sounds a bit 'thin' with all sound files, but very clear, detailed, and with grain-free treble.


Just bought a TEAC UD-501 32bit/384kHz USB DAC with DSD/DXD support.  Looking forward to it and ultra-hi resolution files.

It's headphone amp is rated at 100 mW + 100 mW (into 32 ohms), so do you think they will drive the K702 Annies sufficiently?  I usually never turn the volume knob past 4 (out of 10) on the DACport.


K702 65th Anniversary Edition Specifications:
Sensitivity    105 dB/V
Rated impedance    62 ohms
Max. input power    200 mW



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They're bass light in comparison because both those other headphones are both closed and bass heavy. That's two things that exaggerate bass in comparison to a natural bass out of an open can like the Annie.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

They're bass light in comparison because both those other headphones are both closed and bass heavy. That's two things that exaggerate bass in comparison to a natural bass out of an open can like the Annie.


True but I wouldn't say Annies are fully open either. For me they lean more towards semi-open cans (The back of the grill is basically plastic wall + they also isolate and seal pretty good).

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True enough, but to me there is closed or open. Once that seal is broken, force and feedback from bass is greatly reduced, aside from rare freaks like the HE400 and LCD2 which move a substantial amount of air regardless of seal. Closed headphones will always have more bass in comparison to open ones with the same frequency response, unless the particular headphone is incredibly dampened to reduce reflections.

The Annie has very satisfying bass for a relatively linear response, IMHO, but it IS a pretty linear headphone. The DT770 Pro 80 is incredibly bloated in the lower bass and overall V-shaped, and the M50 is pretty linear but still V-shaped and on the bass emphasized side. Not very comparable to the Annies, either way, and that's not even taking the open vs closed difference into account.
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The price for the original K702 grill is,  2458Z51040  $10.45 EA, I'm still waiting to get the price for the AN grill, 2458M97060.

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Yeah I guess semi-open is kind of silly definition anyways :D

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Yeah, I don't get that. Even a slight hole is 'opening' the back of the driver enclosure, lol. Air moving through the back side = open, to me. It's not moving back into the path of your ears, so the force of bass could never be the same. Even out of neutral closed headphones, bass will still seem on the strong side to me.

One good example is the Pro 900 vs the Pro 2900, which apparently use the same exact drivers. Assuming the only difference is that one is closed and one is open (and barely open at that), you lose SO much of the bass feedback when going from the Pro 900 to the Pro 2900, despite everything else being similar.
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I swear that these sound pretty dang close to an open Koss Pro DJ 100. Not much difference in sound signatures. Why also are closed headphones clearer than those that are open? I don't get that. If you block off all air getting inside the Annie it sounds crystal clear. Did someone try that yet? Could be placebo, but it's so extremely easy to hear the difference.


The 65th has pretty much the same bass quantity as my favorite DJ100 when totally closed off. Less low-bass though for sure. If I could get rid of it's shouty upper mids when totally closed off it'd be absolutely my favorite headphone in the world.


Seriously someone take one for the team and try to cover the outer grill with something and listen to the mid-bass. I think the treble suffers even more though and it wasn't apparent at first. No I'm not saying to use the 65th closed. Just to hear that bass.


You really can tweak the sound slightly by limiting what air gets inside. Maybe I just have golden ears biggrin.gif Not likely since I can barely tell the difference between an ODAC and Modi.


So yeah it's weird how when you make the 65th more open it has more low-bass presence and when totally closed more mid-bass.


I want an open DJ100 dang it. The HD-650 is pretty close, but more laid back and more muffled (but still clear).


Right now the difference between the DJ100 and 65th is:


More low bass on the DJ100 (duh, it's closed)

Slightly more forward upper mids with DJ100

Treble is pretty close in quantity

Nearly the same amount of mid-bass when the 65th is closed off


I know that nobody cares, but it's really cool to think about how much better the 65th could get.

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tdockweiler,  just one off topic, did u find a headphone better than HD598 mids/vocal ?

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Originally Posted by oopeteroo View Post

tdockweiler,  just one off topic, did u find a headphone better than HD598 mids/vocal ?

Yeah once I got my Q701 I put the HD-598 in storage and rarely listened to it. I prefer the Q701 to the 598. There is something special about the HD-598, but it doesn't really compare to the Q701 (only IMO). Love how the 598 doesn't need as much amping. Even my Magni is overkill for it. I think it really takes a specific amp and DAC to bring out the best in the Q701. I don't mean anything too colored. I don't like it as much with the Magni or E9.


I always preferred the Koss Pro DJ 100 to everything. Only with my main setup though. I have the TBSE version. For ME it's the most addicting headphone there is. I haven't gotten that experience since listening to the SR-225i. These rare "magical mids" are rarely heard by me. Not even on the HD-650 or Q701.


I also stopped listening to the 598 once I got the HD-580. It's not better but just different. I think that's the only reason I gave the HD-650 another chance.


My perfect headphone is an open DJ100, which the Q701 with 65th pads is close to.


It seems the upper mids of the 65th aren't quite as forward as the Q701, but not a big difference.


I still don't know if I love the Anniversary or not. Doesn't really seem like anything special. That's why I want to try to make it even better.

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