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I am still not decided whether to buy them or not for my girlfriend... But it seems that people with the highest number of posts in this thread already sold them (or are going to)! biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by chicolom View Post

Alright, I'll stop trying to make sense of it....tongue.gif

Sell it!!

Even if he does he'll just end up trying to buy them again later, it's like he forgot what he went thru with the D7000, DT 990, etc. tongue.gif

Probably not tho, he's probably cursing you for making him agonize over the decision while simultaneously figuring out bus fare... wink.gif
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First I tried to understand, but overall it just sounds a little like 'I need a new toy' to me... So feel free.

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I know MLE likes to sell off his headphones and the rebuy them again, and again, later.  But that might not be so easy with the Anniversaries.  

The same thing happened with the D7000.  One of his favorite all-time headphones and he sold it.  Now they're really difficult to find and their price has shot up.  


Now he's found another headphone he loves, but again he's trying to talk himself into  selling it!  That's crazy.  eek.gif 


If you like a headphone, its OK to keep it around.  You don't need to look for reasons to sell it.  It seems like that is what's happened for every full-sized headphone he's kept around for a while - look for some flaws with the headphone, and the slowly convince himself that he should just sell them because of reason x,y, and z.  I haven't even seen him really mention any real flaws with the anniversary, so for him to be talking about selling them is especially strange. 


I mean, the odds of finding another headphone that is as well balanced and natural sounding as the anniversary (plus dat soundstage) are NOT great.  So why sell?  Why not.........keep them?  *gasp*


I'm just staging a mini-intervention.  Trying to break the cycle.  Prevent another D7000 situation.


I'm hoping I'm making sense.



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Oh I agree with you chico, all kidding aside, given the limited nature and how much he likes the Annies I think it's silly...

He obviously regrets selling the Denons, and that's without having the foresight that they would be discontinued, with the Annies he already knows they'll be tougher to re-acquire.

MLE, if you're that strapped for cash then selling the LCD2s will obviously get you out of the jam quicker, and you'll probably recoup a similar percentage of what you spent on them.

They're obviously the new shiny toy but think ahead a few months...

The comment about pairing the LCD2 with the HD 650 also confused me a bit, the LCD2 sound stage with the Vegan pads improved enough to make them worthwhile for gaming?
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Haha ya I have done that a few times in black ops 2 as well but I just tell people its the site rep pro in mw3 but for black ops2 I just tell them I shot by mistake...lol Only a few people I play with know how good it really sounds as they have came over and tried the Q's.  The first time they put them on they felt lost in the sound stage...lol  Ahhhh the advantages of having good audio gear.  

Originally Posted by elwappo99 View Post


Well not just because I had that audio equipment, but basically if someone was walking anywhere close to a wall, I could pretty accurately pick out their location. Enough people got killed through walls on a few servers to put up a fuss :/ Fun times trying to explain that your headphones help you pick out the locations. "Ok, hacker"

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Chico, its BECAUSE of that LCD bass that I prefer to keep them over the Annies. My main genres of music rely on bass, and the LCD2 does not disappoint. Bass aside, I do prefer everything else on the Annies, with mids being about the same for me, if maybe a slight edge to the LCD2 due to more closeness. It's tough deciding on which... treble is a hint smoother on the Annie, which is what makes this so hard. I expected the vegan LCD2 to have a smoother treble than the Annie, considering thats how it was with the leather LCD2.

As for the HD650, thats mainly because I really like their warmth and laying down comfort, so I would use them when I'm relaxing, which is a lot. The leather LCD2 would make the HD650 moot, but I can't relax with leather pads. The vegan LCD2 is a bit faster and more aggressive, so I wouldnt call it a relaxing headphone, especially with those huge ear cups that make it hard to lay down with.

I'll decide on which I'm selling later, rather than sooner, but either way, I have no need for both the Annie and LCD2, as they are too similar in tonality, warmth, and balance. If I kept one, there is no point in rebuying the other. IF the Annie had the LCD2 bass, or the LCD2 had a hint more smoothness, the choice would've been much easier.

Both are endgame headphones for me in terms of all rounders, but the LCD2's slight lead in bass is what is making me lean on them.
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Originally Posted by RustA View Post

I am still not decided whether to buy them or not for my girlfriend... But it seems that people with the highest number of posts in this thread already sold them (or are going to)! biggrin.gif

I have low posts in this thread but will probably eventually sell them :P

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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post

I have low posts in this thread but will probably eventually sell them :P


I see you have HD800 as well... Yeah, my only, ultimate and endgame headphone! L3000.gif

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Unlike many head-fiers, I can't see myself owning more than two main headphones at once, and usually have to be one balanced one bass emphasized. So I understand not wanting to have both the HD800 and Annies. It's redundant.

Still, the Annie hits weeeell above their price, IMHO.
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For the the Annies are a keeper.  I sold the LCD-2.2, Q701, K701s, HD650, HD600 - I even sold my AD2Ks.  But not the Anniesbiggrin.gif


IMO they beat the LCD-2.2s out in more categories that matters to me.  Bass yeah....yeah...yeah..  LCD-2.2s got it.  But it's not like the Annies don't.  So bass had no dog in the race. "so to speak"


If you want sound stage, air, bass, good instrument separation in a sub 1K headphone.  The AKG K702 65th Anniversaries are the headphone.  


Note:  I would also like to take a listen to the AD2KXs in the future.

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^I agree with you. For me it's a necessary decision to sell them, and trust me, they do NOT outright lose to the LCD2, IMHO. They are SO close to them for me. I just like that little bit extra in bass which I find more enjoyable in the LCD2.
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Never said outright.....  I said for me they do indeed beat the LCD-2.2 in more meaningful categories that matter to me.  Bass just isn't one of them.  Not seeming like I'm in a closed in closet listening to music is.  IMO..

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Lol, I didn't mean you. I meant for ME.
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O --  gotcha.  my bad..biggrin.gif

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