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The headband is ribbed...for your pleasure.

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"Come on, baby. I know it hurts at first, but I promise you, it will start to feel good once you get used to it."

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You just have to change positions occasionally to keep things fresh.

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Oh man. XD

How does it feel going in, unprotected after so long? It's supposed to feel better...
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Originally Posted by Acix View Post

I just saw the locking mechanism design of the Denon D-5000 pads, looks like the K702 pads. Maybe you guys can confirm if the Denon D-5000 pads will fit on the K70X ?




The Denon D-5000 pads have this white retainer-ring install, I can try to copy the K702 ring and cut it out from plastic sheets. Unfortunately the pads I have are much smaller compare to the original 702s pads. Maybe the smaller pads can be glued to the white retainer-ring. Pads above 10 c''m will fit nicely on the 702s cup. Maybe some here can confirm the size of the Denon



A retainer-ring on a shape of the K702 locking mechanism design can be theoretically impossible to fit a large number of pads, how many I don't know...I even not sure how many angle pads there is out there.


This vid show the installation process...will be very entertaining to check out those pads on the K70X. k701smile.gif


Here is a link: http://www.lawtonaudio.com/page10.html

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Oh man. XD

How does it feel going in, unprotected after so long? It's supposed to feel better...

I think I may have contracted something, because I seem to be developing some sore spots on the top of my "head."  Should've used protection.   frown.gif

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Originally Posted by Blackmore View Post

I am not going to tell  you a single thing anymore, doen with it. All you do, is just fanboying up here, nothing more.


Yes, your opinion is your opinion, but stop making others fake. Your comments are brutal in many ways, your ignorance is top notch and your knowledge in natural sounding music is low down, as far as MY opinion goes.



It was time someone said it. Thanks!

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Lol, hey its Mux, who only posts when it has anything to do with me.

I get it, you don't like me. Just tell me straight up, gee. Absolutely nothing to add to the topic.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Lol, hey its Mux, who only posts when it has anything to do with me.

I get it, you don't like me. Just tell me straight up, gee.

I only post in this thread when it has anything to do with you because this thread is you. Over and out.

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Thanks. I feel omnipotent thanks to you. cool.gif
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JUST got home. What I'm gonna do is find a few tracks I can identify easily with the Annie. Then I will quickly swap out the pads and put them on the Q701, as well as using the Annie stock cable on the Q701. This will keep them as true to the Annie as possible. Will post my findings soonish.

Using the Annie pads on the Q701, and Q701 pads on the Annie. Can definitely tell the Annie is airier with less bass in this configuration. The detachable cable makes A/B testing much easier/faster.

First test is Q701 with both pads.

Hmm... despite the differences in tonal characteristics between pads, I must say the Q701 pads and Annie pads aren't night and day. It's literally a change between sub bass extension and treble/air, and it's not HUGE. I have to say BOTH pads are great. The Q701 pads decay the bass a bit faster, and sub bass is not as extended, but mid bass is similar. The vocals are brighter and a bit sharper in comparison to the Annie pads, but there is a sparkle that is not as evident on the Annie pads. The Annie pads soften that sharpness, and do make things just a hint warmer and less fatiguing, though not as immedately airy. I have to say, I do prefer the Annie pads. It sounds fuller and more rounded, more organic/natural, IMHO.

Second test is comparing the Annie vs Q701 headphones with the Annie pads:

I'm not able to swap FAST enough, but I SWEAR, Tdock's Q701 is voiced just a hint brighter than my Annie. Not sure if it's driver variation or burn-in, etc, but it is brighter, even with Annie pads. Either way, I do prefer the Q701 with Annie pads than the Q701 pads, so whether it's the same exact sound out of the headphones or not, I say the Annie pads are worth it, IMHO.

Either way, make no mistake, they are either the same sonically, or they are nearly 98% the same with a slight more warmth out of the Annie, though my Annie isn't as burned in as tdock's Q701, if you believe in that... what I do know is that my Annie is warmer and more bottom heavy and not as airy as his Q701 with the Annie pads.

edit: Absolutely. My Annie is warmer. Not a huge difference, but I can hear it. So it doesn't sound identical to HIS Q701, but it's close-ish. I don't want to commit to saying it is or isn't the same, but either way, the sound is very close, so if you own the Q701 and are fine with the headband, it's worth trying out the Annie pads.

Just remember, two of the same headphone can sound slightly different. Case in point, I had THREE DT990/600ohms in my house at the same time, and they all sounded a hair different from one another, one of them being noticeably more bassy and mid recessed compared to the other two.

I venture to say that tdock's Q701 sounds MORE balanced and airy with the Annie pads, than my Annie! It's not as bassy, but it sounds more linear and not as smoothened up on the treble, making it more 'flat'. If his Q701 is balanced, my Annie slightly darker than balanced in comparison. It's noticeable. I'm wondering what the change could be. It's close, but it's either slight driver variation, burn in, or god knows what. But it's evident. More bass and body, less air, and warmer tone on my Annie vs Q701 with the same pads.

Test 3 is Annie stock vs Q701 stock:

This is the truest comparison, as you can hear what the Annie has in comparison to the Q701.

Impressions to come at a later date.

Chico, what number is your Annie?
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Can someone PLEASE take a picture of the 65's grill without the pads on??? All this talk of the subtle diffs between the cans, and no one's interested if the hole layout has anything to do with it?

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What do you mean? Like just removing the pads? The inside looks identical.

As for subtle differences, that tends to happen as no two drivers are the same, though I SWEAR that it's noticeable enough to say my Annie is dark in comparison to Tdock's Q701 with the same pads.

The best way to truly A/B is if both have the same pads at the same time, and a fast A/B is possible. As it stands, it takes too long to swap pads.
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No, I'm asking if the 65's grill (what I'm calling the part that the pads latch onto, behind which is the driver) look like this picture from the parts list, because my regular 702's have none of the openings in the outside ring.

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