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My K702 must be several years young, bought them used up here and the seller stated to used them for say 500 hours in 2 years, so, I guessing on year 2010-2011, serial number is 2052, the pads are angled and just as comfy as K701 I had on loan or Anniversaries. K701 were / are from earlier production, I believe, with 7 bumps on headband with angled pads as well. My Q701 were from end 2012 and they smell like cheap plastic with pads that gave me irritation. For example Anniversary I got, dont smell at all, so, does it mean they use differ plastic? If so, it may have influence as well, isnt?


I suspect that Q701 will sound pretty bass heavy with Anniversary pads, would surprise me if they dont. Today, I was listen to Paul van Dyk CD "In Between", using Anniversaries, man, to just point one thing, bass was so impressively tight and punchy, without any boom and they seem to be fast as well.



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If the K702 with 65th pads sound identical to the 65th, I'd hate to hear what the Q701 sounds like with the 65th pads. Maybe it will be magically downgraded to an HD-650 (sorry,only kidding!).


How old is your K702? My K702 I had in early 2011 was quite a lot different than the Q701. Had them both at the same time. Perhaps your K702 is one with possible new drivers. Nobody has ever confirmed if they had a K702 that sounds 100% identical to the Q701 though. Was your K702 purchased in 2012 or 2013?


My guess is that to get the sound of my Q701 closer to the REAL 65th, i'd have to install K702 outer grills and remove the foam.


BTW did you know that the K601 gets bassier with no outer grill? This is totally opposite of my Q701 (based on memory).


I wonder how the 65th would change with the outer grill removed or the  Q701 foam and button added. biggrin.gif


It'd be funny if my Q701 with 65th pads was warmer and bassier than the stock 65th. Hardly possible..

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So you really like the HD800s on the O stack?  I have the M Stack and my HD800 sounds horrible on them very thin, lacks bass soundstage is restricted just awful.  Could the O stack be much better?


The 65ths are a pretty good damn headphone.  Once I get them re cabled.  They can step up to the big boy amps and be properly compared to the Qs / K701s / 650s and 600s.  

HD800s out of the O stack is pretty good.  Didn't sound too thin or restricted to my ears.  Bass and overall realism are better coming out of my Bottlehead S.E.X., though.  Only have a Modi so can't compare stacks.  

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maybe K801 , and K1001 will be the supreme headphone that will rule them all , it's an old AKG Prophecy .

I really hope AKG can get back into the high-end game.  I still dream about them releasing something innovative and great sounding like the K1000.  


I am really intrigued by the Annies, but for $500, it would have to be much better than the Q701's to justify the price difference.  Maybe a pair might make their way into my hands for a week or so in the future...

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I really hope AKG can get back into the high-end game.  I still dream about them releasing something innovative and great sounding like the K1000.  


I am really intrigued by the Annies, but for $500, it would have to be much better than the Q701's to justify the price difference.  Maybe a pair might make their way into my hands for a week or so in the future...




In side joke..


You got it..  Would like to here you comparison impressions.. biggrin.gif

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I love the way these look. Just bought some q701 and love the sound except that its bass is a little light for me. How much of a difference does this one make?
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If you desire more bass, while retaining most of that sound you love (barring some changes like extra warmth and musicality), you've come to the right place. The Annie is a perfected Q701.

To put it in simply, I wouldnb't have ever used the Q701 as a music can (I loved them, but not for music). The Annie is my main music can. The bass is spot on.
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I like them better than a pair of dt880/32 I bought but the dt880 has better bass. Looks like I might have to sell the dt880 I got on the for sale forum and return the q701. Would these run decent with e07k/e09k?
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Absolutely. Similar bass as the DT880/32 (I also owned that specific model DT880), warmer tone, better mids, and smoother treble, and more airy/open soundstage.
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Sounds like what I need. Hopefully I can get one for closer to $400 here or off ebay. I was gonna exchange the q701 since I noticed a rattling noise in right cup today but I guess I'll get a refund instead.
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I know I'm the resident Annie fanboy, but you're making the right choice. Sound improvements, comfort boost, limited availability. They are worth it. The more new music I listen to, the more I love them. I love them more now than when I first got them. That's saying a lot.
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I would just keep both IMO.  I want the Annie's too, but I would rather have a variety of cans to play with.

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Little off topic so you can answer in your gaming thread if you want. Is the Annie better or equal for gaming, more specifically black ops 2? Thanks
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Better or equal? Huh? Relative to the other AKGs? They are all god mode inducing. The Annie has the extra benefit of being more fun to play with, and less fatiguing. As I have mentioned beofre, anything that basically gets an 8 is all you need for competitive play. Higher scores usually mean that there is absolutely nothing in the way of soundwhoring which usually means less bass, less fun. The Annie is bar none, the best headphone I've used for gaming for all-around purposes.
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double post

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I'd just like to throw my take on these cans again, after having more time with them, and I have to say these are absolutely Wonderful for some genres, while it ends up ruining others.

I find this has a good low-end kick for EDM and the like, as well as hip-hop instrumentals and such, but when it comes to Metal, it does end up sounding a little off, and in my opinion, makes it sound bad.


When I listen to Hip hop the main focus for me is the drums. The bass, the hi-hat, the cymbals, they have to sound right and balanced. Ain't no hip-hop fan want to listen to hi-hats without no bass. Thus with the 65th I personally find a great balance with that aspect. With D&B and similar genre's, the lower-end is quite important, or else it just ends up sounding like trance, which I am not fan of (see: horrible). Once again, the 65th holds it's own. But when it comes down to listening to some Metal, I feel there is a slight over-emphasis on bass and lower-mids. Songs in which the lead guitar would shine using the K701, are now overshadowed by the rest of the band. Guitar solos especially I feel have lost their focus, and don't have the sense of power they would have If I used my K701. The low-end seems to overpower in songs in which the main focus is in the upper range.


However, I feel that the 65th fare better with acoustical recordings, in which the added lower-end helps make it sound less shiny then the K701. The K701 tended to make acoustic feel kind of fake, or overly-bright.


So there is a little give and take I feel, and with that, I think I'll keep my K701's, because with my personal tastes, it makes a great compliment to the 65th.

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