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Can't wait for your impressions.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Can't wait for your impressions.



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It'd be nice for the non-Annie owners if a simple pad swap is what'd turn them into the Annies sound-wise, but the only person on here who did the swap stated that the non-Annie gets too bloated and congested with the Annie pads, and that the Annie gets pretty treble oriented with non-Annie pads, FWIR.

Once I get my HE-400 back, I'll be sending my Annies out to a few friends who happen to own the Q701, and I trust them to do those comparisons and tell us exactly how the pad swap affects both cans directly.
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All this talk is making me think about getting a K702! 

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Can we please stop using the word Annie? biggrin.gif

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Nope. That's my term of endearment, and lots of people know what we mean when we say Annie. tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Nope. That's my term of endearment, and lots of people know what we mean when we say Annie. tongue.gif


I think Annie is an awesome for it. So much easier than lots of ridiculous LE/AE/Pro/Premium/SilverDriver/32/80/250/600, etc. 

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Originally Posted by imackler View Post


I think Annie is an awesome for it. So much easier than lots of ridiculous LE/AE/Pro/Premium/SilverDriver/32/80/250/600, etc. 


Especially "Pro" and "Premium" are pretty ridiculous terms...

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post



Shouldn't you put in the serial number, too, so we know exactly which one you're referring to. Annie #00713, etc.

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When the K 240 Sextett is habitually referred to as Sexie, I'll accept Annie for the Anniversary Edition.


Although I won't, actually. 65 is fine.

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Interesting, especially with such genres, thanks. Dont you get any issues with treble or nasty mids, rock music I mean?


I owned T1 and while very good headphones, I found them to have some kind of veil, which bothers me, however I didnt have any SS amps around and couldnt drive them very well.



Originally Posted by ph4tandy View Post


Mainly alternative and punk rock, with a sprinkle of hip-hop and pop.


Wide soundstage, exquisite clarity and detail are the K702's strong points.

My main pair are Beyer T1's, and comparatively speaking the mids are slightly more pronounced and provides a meatier bass response compared to the K702s.

Vocals are more forward and engaging too.

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I thought it was getting that direction a little, but like you wrote, everyone is free to post things that matters to him/her up here.


Things that have huge influence on sound are:


- cable/internal wiring

- damping & housing material

- pads


Of course, there can be more than just that and even so, all above is more than enough to tune them to what they are, Anniversary Edition I mean.






Originally Posted by tdockweiler View Post

Someone was arguing? Not seeing that.

I think what's interesting and useful is to figure out what causes all the changes between all the K702 and K701 versions. I think after even 2 years nobody has figured out why the Q701 sounds so different than the rest.

I'd love to hear a K702 made in the last few months to see if it's similar and if there was a possible driver update.


If you don't like us talking about such minor things, you can ignore them normal_smile%20.gif


Opening up a K702 is really tough I think. I mean completely removing every single piece including the driver. If you remove the grill it's easy to take a peak inside though.


My 65th pads are on the way next week sometime..I'll try them on my Q701 and report back.

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Just got my annis last night, #651

I've been lurking on head-fi for years, and this is gonna be the first post in which i contribute something.


I have owned, at one time or another, ath-esw9, ath-ad700, dt880(32ohm), pc360, and q701. Unfortunately i sold my q701 to pay pay for the annis, so no AB test for me.

My current setup consists of: titanium hd sound card optical out > zero dac with 2xopa627bp (i have an opa-moon too, but I found that i perfer the opa627bp's better) > matrix m-stage with 2xopa270bp with class-a biasing.


I left my annis on burn-in for a whole night playing an Epica discography (symphonic metal), and listened to it all morning. So this is just a first impression.

My impression of the annis are just as most people confirmed:
Nice, neutral bass, less bass than dt880, but i think that's due to the high-mids and treble

The mids and tremble sounds amazing.
The overall sound for the annis, i'd say, is like q701 but flatter, and fuller sounding.

I really hated the fatiguing high-mids q701, making some songs really loud at times and too quiet at others.
I found that there is none of that in the annis.
Some people attribute this to the increase of bass, but i found that to not be the case

I started up sinegen, and did a frequency sweep, and while there are still peaks around the 5k and 10k areas, it is MUCH better than the q701's (the q's impression is from my memories, so take it with a grain of salt, if someone who own both the q's and the annis can verify this, that'll be swell).
It seems AKG not only increased the bass, but worked on its annoying peaks as well.
The annis are not only q701 with more bass, but something more.

overall, this is hands down the best pair of headphones I've owned to date. Totally worth the week of starvation I had to go through to save up for it.

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So now I'm gonna through a spanner into the works...


Just received my brand new sealed K701 today. Been listening to them on both my rigs. My rigs are quite neutral sounding (or the best I can do ). I like them to be neutral for my LCD2's.



I used to own the original K702's and really liked them, but the upper mids used to get to me... And I don't like equalizing. I was originally going to get the Annies, but they are just too expensive here in uk (I could get HE500 cheaper for instance) So when I saw an offer in Amazon for the K701 I snapped a set up.

So what a surprise I got when I plugged these white puppies into my bedside Magni. Smoooth-ish highs. Yes you heard it. Smooooooth-ish highs. Just in-case no-one got that, I said 'smoooooth-ish highs'. Not Orthos smooth or 650 rolled off, but not my old K702 bright either. Don't get me wrong and for fear of coming across as exaggerating, these are still bright headphones. Only they do seem more treble friendly than I remember.

And you know what else I got..? I got warm balanced bass. Good bass. Not LCD2 bass, but not far from HE500 (with velours) bass and similar to Senn 650. eek.gif 

I bought some DT880 pro's last week (I'm working my way through some old classic hp's at the mo) and I can confirm that my K701's have more bass. The DT880's aren't lacking in bass if you want a neutral hp and what they have is nice and tight. Anyways, this is not a bash against the beyers because I think they're great. Just saying.

It may be a case of burning these in a little more. We'll see, and I'll keep you updated. But for now, I'm really enjoying the AKG sound again :) that soundstage and imaging is just brilliant.


With that in mind, I'd defo agree that AKG could be tuning their drivers (or messing with the housing to make them a little more warm) as the years go by. My old K702's did not sound like this.

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