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HD650s for University?

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I'm off to uni in a week, and leaving my M50s for my sister.


Time for new cans.


Use: Music in dorm room, while studying - so isolation from the outside world is a must.


Music ranges from Radiohead to Deadmau5 and Miles Davis, all FLAC.


The HD650s caught my eye as bang for buck, as they're universally praised.


Is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 enough to drive them?



Or will I need to dish out extra $$$ for an amp? Because, really, 300 euros is already pushing my budget.


Thanks for advice!

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They are not isolating headphones, they are open aired.

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The HD650 are fully open cans so you will get no isolation and will leak as well (although for some reason I feel they don't leak THAT much compared to some of my others). They are really really comfortable though and do sound great. I know nothing about the Focusrite so I cant help you there.

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They don't seem ideal for your situation.


I have a Focusrite 6i8 and, although it probably manages to drive HD600s (300 ohms) I doubt it gets them anywhere near the potential of a dedicated amplifier. Some see the relatively weak headphone output as the achilles' heal of an otherwise great interface.


Isolation, that's already been answered, virtually none.


I like the HD600 sound but 1. can't afford it right now 2. generally benefit from isolation. I've seen several HD600 owners say that the closest you can get to their sound signature with a closed headphone is the Fischer FA-003, Brainwavz HM5 and clones, of course at the sacrifice of detail, imagining and sounstage. I'm probably going to order a pair soon to see if it's true. These will be driven fine by the Scarlett.


edit: oops sorry, I see you said HD650 not HD600


Still, the answers remain the same; no and no

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HD25 or Amperior? 


If you can find a good HD250 Linear check it out. 

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Get the Mad Dogs or LFF Paradox if you want bang-for-the-buck but also fully isolating headphones, that won't leak every word of every song you play out of them to the neighbours.

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