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Man, this has to be the whackest thing I've ever seen.  Where could you even put a uDAC where it'd be noticeable and not look like hell as it's dwarfed by the cable leads going into it?  I used to have trouble making mine lay flat on a surface.  Why the hell would anyone spend $400 for one?  You can get, like, decent DAC's at that price (I'd assume).


At least rappers can wear their diamond studded Beats.

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Oh, okay then, maybe not a small fortune.  Mine were sent from a US distribution center, so I just assumed that they might have sent yours from the same location.  BTW, if you're looking for a slightly more refined version of the MA350, you've got to try out the MA450i.  From what I can tell, it is identical with only two differences:  (a) an Apple remote; and (b) a filter on the end of the nozzle.  But oh what a difference that filter makes!  If the MA350 is a 16-year old teenager, the MA450i is more like an undergrad college student.  Still exciting and lively, but with a little more maturity where it counts.  It also tames the bass ever-so-slightly and prevents it from booming unnecessarily during bass heavy notes and passages (you know what I mean).

But but but... I love jailbaits... frown.gif

Just kidding guys. Only in fiction.
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Taken From The Audio Journal Of A DigitalFreak

Sound Byte: Rotten Filthy Stinking Bully/Thief


Today like any other day I got up fixed breakfast jumped in my car and left for work. I parked my car at a park and ride area not to far from my cities downtown popped in my K2 sp's fired up the CLAS/Leckerton/iPod rig threw them in my parka pocket and proceeded to go for my usual morning 30 minute walk to my jump on point. Lucky for me my jump on point is right next to a local small university and the bus terminal where my work pulls in is right along side a Starbucks. For the last 3 weeks every morning I've been sitting cafe side for around 20 minutes before work enjoying a bottled water and a nice relaxing listen on my rig before facing the everyday stress of driving a 40 foot long bus filled with students and shoppers. Unfortunately for me today would be a little different in that a certain someone would disturb my karma.


I'm sitting at my table which incidentally is only 1 table away from the main entrance when a certain transient comes walking on in. I've had my run ins with this individual before on my bus and I'm not going to lie I don't like the guy. He's one of these hustlers who like to jump on buses and jump from seat to seat begging for money from passengers and when the passenger says no he gets riled up and tries to bully money from the person. Needless to say I've had him on my bus a few times and I've caught him various times plying his strong armed antics on people. Every time I've caught him he's immediately gotten up gone to the back of the bus and always leaves through the back door. Even though he's a bit of a bully he's never given me any lip or tried to cause any trouble with me. I'm not exactly small and I'm rather tall and half meaty looking so I'm guessing he moves along looking for easier targets to bully.


In any case the guy walks in looks in my direction I happen to look up and both our eyes lock on one another. He immediately walks the long way around the cafe and makes a bee line for the counter staff and asks if he can get the key to the mens washroom (most downtown businesses keep their public washrooms locked to keep the local beggars out). The girl behind the counter calls a male counter person over and the guy begins to berate him telling him the washroom is for patrons only and isn't a lounge he can sit around in for a half hour on end. While all this is going on I've gone back to minding my own business and I've removed my IEM's shut down my gear and I'm thumbing through emails on my iPhone all the while my rig, IEM's and all, is sitting on my table next to my bottled water.


I don't know why but for whatever reason some sort of strange feeling told me to suddenly look back and out of the corner of my eye. Upon doing so I see a freaking person streaking up from behind me (the beggar) as fast as his legs will carry him. The guy had left the counter and thinking I had forgotten about him had lined himself up behind me and was taking a mad dash right at my back. It's at about that split second upon noticing him I see his arm fly out and his hand shoot out and that's when it hit me what he was doing.....he was going for my rig. His hand was maybe about a foot or so from it when I shot my left leg and elbow out (elbow hit him in the belly, leg tripped him and sent him flying) and sent the idiotic fool flying face first to the floor.


Upon seeing what was happening the male clerk grabbed a bat from underneath the counter (in hindsight it was a rather amusing sight to watch because it looked like a scene from some old movie) and began to scream that if the guy didn't scram he was going to lay a beating on him and call the cops. The bum immediately bounced up and flew out the door almost running over a couple of girls in the process. Moral of the story, keep your gear close and never ever take your eyes off a thieving bully.

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DF, sorry to hear that you had such an experience with him, but on the flip side of the story, I'm guessing he won't be riding on your bus anymore?

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Wow at least you elbowed the **** out of him lol. Natural instinct at its finest ;)...

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That's some scary **** there DF. Good thing your sixth sense is in full effect.
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I think I might be weirding the anime thread out by suddenly popping up and talking about transexuals LOL.


@ DF: Yikes, good thing you caught him before it got worse. Having to chase him down would have probably sucked more for the both of you. Really though, that kind of thing makes me sad. He sounds like a real loser and is probably living a real loser kind of life. Sometimes life just... falls apart. I hope he can get help.


Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post

Hey Romy, have you ever given any thought to making videos?  Because of your profession, I can't imagine you having any issues with public speaking or being camera shy.  And unless you type extraordinarily (i.e. superhumanly) fast, videos should take less of your time overall.  I'm just mentioning that because spending less time and getting more done might make the entire experience a little less mundane on those days when you're not totally into it for whatever reason.  Or am I reading this all wrong, and you're actually talking about doing something deeper and more behind-the-scenes?


I've thought about it, but there's actually a big difference: I don't have to watch myself teaching. If I posted videos online I'd be too tempted to watch as I made a total ass of myself.

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Wish you were there nore often though. I haven't had anyone to spar with there wrt anime and fhe the ones I uswd to all are now busy. I would've respond now if not for the fact that I'm in class right now.
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Editing your videos before posting them is usually a good idea. In which case you'd have to watch yourself regularly...
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I made a video about a heap of portable gear I had here at once. I never published it. It even has some really lame jokes in it. Took me a couple of dozen takes and goes for 20 minutes or so, which is as much as the D7000 would do before stopping.

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My Float QAs arrived the other day, along with the new transformer. I've been listening to them this morning.


Right off the bat I can say the build quality on the new transformer exceeds the previous one. Gone are the loose side panels on the chassis, added are new sockets which look and feel nicer. The plug on the cable has been changed to match, and it feels much more substantial. Connects with a very satisfying *click* now. Most importantly, the issue with the right channel cutting out and sounding distorted seems to be resolved. So far so good! Fingers crossed!


Listening out of a modest T-amp, they still sound impressive. I've always been a believer in stat "warm up" ---ie. the longer you have them plugged in to an amp powered on, the better they sound --- so they seem to be getting even better to my ears as I let them sit. Could be psychological adjustment however. Maybe both. Either way I need to finally buckle down and get a nicer amp to put behind these.


I still maintain these could be part of an "end game" rig for my bedroom. With a stereo amp, I'm hoping I can power both these and a pair of Mini Maggies for my desktop.

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Oh, and in other news I put in an order for the Fostex TH600. PriceJapan expects them to be in stock on the 25th of this month, though it'll probably take a few extra days for the initial batch to arrive. So hopefully I'll have them by the end of the first week of March.


Speaking of Fostex, they're finally giving customers a reasonable stand with the their TH900s:






Would be nice if they offered a trade-in program for those of us who are stuck with the stupid wire one.

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That is one really good looking headphone stand. Tasteful in a way. Will you get one with the TH600 as well, or are they mainly for the bigger sibling?

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Originally Posted by Coq de Combat View Post

That is one really good looking headphone stand. Tasteful in a way. Will you get one with the TH600 as well, or are they mainly for the bigger sibling?


I hope so, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was only for the TH900 unfortunately.


The wire stand that originally came with it is basically worthless and can actually damage the headphones by leaving indentations in the headband and possibly tipping over from being totally unstable.

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Considering what QA means in software development (Quality Assurance), every sighting of the Float QA's name has caused innumerable irony twitches for me.
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