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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2 - Page 371  

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thrak - interesting. I can't recall the last time I'd xcoded some HD files. I thought it was in 2011, though now I doubt it.
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Originally Posted by lee730 View Post

You actually remind me of star from Ong Bak the Thai Warrior smily_headphones1.gif.
Bone crack-a-lackin veritable force of nature Tony Jaa? I'll take it. Shame about Ong Bak 3 though, Jaa should really just stick to acting and dispensing butt whoopings
Originally Posted by jgray91 View Post

@idsynch, too bad you dropped out of the world. I /could/ show you some great(er) works than just mind-degrading brain-diabetes moe anime. And yea I am very biases against its ilk, you you can't tell yet :-P 

Hey, if you've got any palatable suggestions, I'm all ears. In truth, I still lurk those "year's best in anime" threads over at another forum (GAF) to seek out potential gems from all the rubbish. Every so often, the "cream of the crop" yields something enjoyable. It saves me the potential disappointment of investing myself into a series that's destined for less. Such as... Oh, I dunno, Kids on the Slope? Man was Watanabe trolling the hell out of everyone. He knew we'd all be slobbering in anticipation over the thought of a jazz oriented project (with Yoko Kanno no less) set in the nostalgic 60's and all we got was a soporific, half baked, coming of age story with hilariously transparent, and pandering homo erotica. It's as if the (source's) author really wanted to tell a love story about Kaoru and Sentaro but didn't have the stones to do it. I get it Japan, a subset of your anime fans love this stuff, but we're in the 21st century now, enough with the *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Shinji X Kaoru BS. Either go all out or go home. 
Originally Posted by ardgedee View Post

They did it! They finally did it!
And the album went on sale late last night. 

Praise the sun! I'm so glad the world didn't end in 20-doz cause 20-thirt is so awesome 
Originally Posted by songmic View Post

Today I beat Silent Hill: Downpour. That makes it the 8th game in the Silent Hill franchise. I played the first Silent Hill 1 when I was only in middle school, and it totally scared the bejesus out of me. Silent Hill games nowadays don't seem as scary as the first three, maybe because I've grown older or because they really aren't?

To all the hardcore gamers in this thread, are there any fans of survival horror games like me? Can anyone recommend some great horror games that will make me sh*t my pants?
You and I share the same pedigree in horror gaming it would seem. I would also recommend Fatal Frame if you haven't checked it out already. I think it's a very clever game and forces the player to confront horrific specters in first person in order to deal damage. I don't want to say too much about it in the event you're familiar with it since that would be redundant. 

As for Silent Hill, it's definitely gotten worse over the years, but I blame that on the vast exodus of all the key members that made the series special in the first place. I've never considered SH "scary" outside of the first one (I was 15 at the time), but SH 1-3 had this knack for subverting the player's expectations and a terrific sense of ambience. The slow burn of dread was what I most liked about it. Downpour makes for a decent horror game, but a disappointing Silent Hill. I recently hit the Centennial building and I'm liking how the game is opening up, but the one time the game had me on edge was when I was exploring a house for a side quest. Otherwise, I'm entirely too comfortable, which disappoints me. 

I think something worth noting is that the series creator originally envisioned SH as an episodic series wherein none of the chapters were linked to one another, sort of like The Twilight Zone I suppose. Since SH2 however, they've latched onto the town of Silent Hill and seem to be content on expanding its mythos. Worst still, every attempt after The Room has been team after team trying to emulate the original trilogy instead of providing a different riff on the formula. 

That aside, a title you might want to keep an eye on, however, is The Last of Us. It's recently garnered some incredibly positive reactions from the press as, "pants ****tingly scary", when compared to modern horror games. I think the visceral and very personal nature of the confrontations coupled with incredible animation and seemingly cunning AI really help sell how gruesome and perilous it is. The fact that you're continually scavenging for resources in a very deprived world also heightens anxiety. When a scant few bullets give you significant leverage over your foes, you've got to be efficient at managing your resources in a way that few games have managed In recent memory 

Take a looksie here (screens, interviews, excerpts and media): http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=47280192
Originally Posted by jgray91 View Post

No doubt that nobody here really thinks that violent video games = school massacre, but i just want to share this, and probably show it to others who are less well instructed on video games.
Sessler was great. Very levelheaded and composed in deflecting very loaded questions. David Jaffe recently went off on this tirade on CNN correspondent Erin Burnett. Hilarious read cause it's Jaffe being Jaffe, but likely to fly over quite a few heads due to his trademark inflammatory rhetoric 

MF - Yuck at those FitEars. I'm not exactly a fan of the original's bulbous form factor, but the shiny shiny sure helped mitigate its shortcomings in the looks department. That tacky texture on the faceplate reminds me of the combo dial on a Masterlock. Disappointing, cause I was considering pickin up a pair at some point 

eke - YEAAYEAHHH, SBsettings at long last
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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

New butt-ugly but more durable FitEars!


They look okay to me. Not as pretty as some, but certainly decent. If you were going to go for pricey and butt-ugly IEMs surely the UMX series, original AS-1(and ASG-1) and the entire ACS range in clear deserve a mention?

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@idsynch, i'll PM you when I get back home in..... 25 hours-ish time. Oh and I can't relate with Kids on the Slope since I haven't watched it yet :-P
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Originally Posted by eke2k6 View Post

I have a question. Is there really such a thing as "too much detail"? 


I've seen some reviews that claim an earphone/headphone is "too detailed" to enjoy. The way I see it, wouldn't that just be an excess of treble emphasis that gives off that impression? I've heard phones like the TG334 and FI-BA-SS that offer up tons of detail without being fatiguing.


So, is there such a thing, in your opinion?

Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

Well some people think to much detail is unnatural sounding. It depends what you're into some people just want smooth fluid musical fun sounding headphones.

Originally Posted by eke2k6 View Post

Which is what I think the TG334 is...an example of transparency and detail, without having to resort to boosted treble. Same goes for the FAD Piano Forte line. All the detail is there, but these aren't bright phones by any stretch. That's why I struggle to understand what they mean by too much detail.


(Warning: controversial pov ahead ;-) Here's my 2c, from a holistic listener and avid concert-goer, who's getting a bit lazy lately and wants to relive his favorite (mostly classical, but also jazz) concerts at home. Note: many classical albums are live recordings, so I'm not talking about trying to surrogate a live concert experience with a studio recording. So, here's the catch: for me, to get a reasonably realistic feel with IEMs, the best achievable illusion of sitting in an audience, things must not sound too close, separated and detailed. Here's an older post from the EX1000 thread, in which I've tried to explain my take on listening to Anaxilus and Inks:


Originally Posted by james444 View Post

I wonder whether I'd qualify for this discussion, since my approach to listening seems to be so different to Inks' and yours. Apart from my review work or occasional A/B requests, I never ever listen analytically and focus on detail, but rather indulge in the experience as a whole. I doing so, my standard is realism/credibility of sound and presentation, as compared to live performances, which I have pretty good experience with (as a listener, not player).


Therefore it doesn't make much sense, from my rather holistic point of view, to talk about neutrality and disregard presentation. For example, the UERM may stay a bit more neutral in the mids and the EX1000 may exhibit a slight dip, but the UERM's vocals sound actually a bit too close for a realistic spatial presentation. You don't get that sense of closeness in a real audience, unless you're perhaps listening to an acoustic concert in a very intimate venue.


Same goes for detail, you simply don't get that kind of meticulous separation in any venue I know of. The Vienna Golden Hall is world-famous for its acoustics and I can confirm that it's an outstanding experience to attend a classical concert there, but the instruments still blend noticably more together than on highly analytical IEMs. So, if the EX1000 might be hiding some minute detail as compared to the ER4S (which I haven't heard), that might actually be a good thing in my book, as it probably makes them sound more realistic and believable.


Last not least, regarding bass, again this hardly qualifies as a third opinion in the spirit of your discussion, since I usually don't dissociate impact from texture. Instruments like cello or double bass sound more credible on the EX1000 to my ear, because they're slightly better textured. So, even if the UERM may be closer to neutral from a quantitative point of view, imo the EX1000's bass sounds more realistic overall.


Of course I'm not kidding myself into thinking that I'm a serious audiophile. For that, I'd rather need to lust for something like this.


"This HDCD has more detail than any live performance I have attended. The orchestra and the hall sound simly glorious. Put it on, sit back, and be amazed!"




Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

Then again, I was always more of a Slowdive fan:


X2, Slowdive and Ride, in my case.

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Originally Posted by james444 View Post


when explained like that, it makes more sense.


To get the most out of that HDCD, you have to have one of these: http://www.pearcable.com/sub_products_anjou_sc.htm

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Originally Posted by Magick Man View Post

The kind of stuff my wife buys. hahaha


That's why they call you the magic man rolleyes.gif



Originally Posted by drez View Post

This is possible, a headphone can be too detailed for the eqipment they are connected to, or have resonances or frequency peaks which increase fatigue. Like erm my Hd800 and my current system, I think they need some tubes somewhere or a better sorted dac and transport, or a more refined amplifier. Some work is needed. Some inears can be have aggressive frequency response or resonances which are more likely culprits than being too detailed IMO.

Frequency response peaks... I should try a phone sometime with one/some of those :p

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Originally Posted by MrViolin View Post

That's why they call you the magic man rolleyes.gif

Indeed. She loves anything Harry Potter, the flotsam around here based on that series is staggering.
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Watching HBO right now... GREAT documentary airing right now:




Holy.... this is just... I mean, you kind of have an idea with what goes on (especially if you are catholic), but... daaaaaaayyuuummm!!

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Originally Posted by Tangster View Post

They look okay to me. Not as pretty as some, but certainly decent. If you were going to go for pricey and butt-ugly IEMs surely the UMX series, original AS-1(and ASG-1) and the entire ACS range in clear deserve a mention?


The difference here is that it's an update. It was quite attractive in its original form, and now it looks decidedly worse despite the improvements to durability. Those other examples you listed were ugly from the get-go.


Personally I'm never buying another Aurisonics product again given how terrible the original ASG-1 was.

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I'm such a Geek.


Everyone say hi to Jingles



Meet the new expanded tribe

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Were you cafe side with Jingles? Your mobile stack looks pleasing...

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