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Yeah me too, I've grown cynical to CEO's who hint their products are giant killers. I hope V Sonic pulls it off but I'm not holding my breath until I hear some reviews from people I trust who know what they're talking about.

Merry Xmas Everyone: God Bless You and Your Family

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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

Yeah me too, I've grown cynical to CEO's who hint their products are giant killers. I hope V Sonic pulls it off but I'm not holding my breath until I hear some reviews from people I trust who know what they're talking about.

Merry Xmas Everyone: God Bless You and Your Family


Same here. I think his attitude, or at least how it comes across, leaves a lot to be desired. However, his products have backed up his claims so far. If the GR07's value is any indication, then the earphone-formally-known-as-the-GR08 (I refuse to call it the V7007) will be about as good as he claims.



Same to you, brother.

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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post


Merry Xmas Everyone: God Bless You and Your Family



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Merii Kurisumasu!!!

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and merry Christmas (and the various forms of PC names for it) from me and Chiri-chan! :3

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Merry Christmas to all the Diary folk! smily_headphones1.gif
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Happy holidays ya'll




I kind of want something like that newish Woo CD transport to 1) see if it has any advantages over using the disc drive in my PC 2) have something more akin to "just a CD player" when I'm feeling too lazy to use my computer for such (as unintuitive as that sounds).  Also, there's something I just find aesthetically pleasing about it. 

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Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Chrimbus everyone! Hope you enjoy the time spent with family and eat delicious food with great gusto. That's the plan for me :3



Originally Posted by compoopers View Post

Amazing review!


Best review ever. I'm sold.


Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

Apparently the GR08 is going to be renamed the V7007 which is obviously meant to invoke the K3003. Their CEO makes some pretty bold claims about the K3003, going so far as to call it out on being flawed.


I hate it when companies play little games like this.

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Originally Posted by Magick Man View Post

I'm digging the iP4S + Vamp, it's a bad-a** combo. Hook it up to the optical input in the car, and away we go.


It resurrected an old iP4S that was just gathering dust too.  Environmental recyclers defeated!  The Vamp has an optical out?  I didn't even check it out because I'm not in an Apple ecosystem.


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Merry Xmas Everyone: God Bless You and Your Family



Home of the Liquid Carbon, Liquid Crimson, Liquid Glass, Liquid Gold and
Liquid Lightning headphone amplifiers... and the upcoming Liquid Spark!

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My gift to you all.




Listen to the previews with your ear/headphones.

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2012: A Year In Review by MF



If I were to pick one overarching theme for this year---for me personally---it would be "reflection."


This was a year that involved a lot of self-assesment in all areas of my life, and both because of this and as a direct result of this, it was also a year that involved a lot of change. I finally confronted issues that had been festering for some time, getting out of an ultimately unfulfilling relationship and learning some things about myself in the process. I feel like I have a better perspective of my career and where I'm going, at least compared to where I was before; the decision to go for what I considered something of a long shot paid off. I struggled with the prospect of moving for some time, but I think I'll be happier with these new arrangements despite the temporary stress of it. Also I've been reflecting on my health issues and what they mean for my life and even my personal identity.


Getting back to audio, I've been reflecting quite a bit this year on what I want from this hobby along with the role it plays in the lives of others. I'd say my priorities have changed somewhat and are still in the process of changing, with more yet to come. This was the year of portable audio for me. I got into in-ear monitors, DAPs, and portable amps in a major way; it was the year I went through the customs-ordering process for the first time. It was also a year in which I resolved to downsize my collection and just focus on certain areas of interest: mostly open electrostatic headphones ("earspeakers") and IEMs.


As far as general trends go, it seems like hybrid earphone designs were all the rage this year in the realm of portable audio. For universals the K3003 was one of the main trendsetters, with other companies releasing designs that followed in its footsteps (some more closely than others...). Then there were some rather novel engineering feats like those Cardas Ear Mirror Vaporware IEMs and the Flat4 which just exude creativity. Overall, the emphasis was seemingly less on "raw power" and how many drivers one could fit into a shell and more on unique and creative implementation. On the customs side I think this is seen most overtly---or at least most readily---in JHA's Freq-Phase and UM's Platform Pure 6 with its active crossover. Then there's UE which is taking a different approach and extending the very definition of "customs" with their Personal Reference Monitor. This brings us to one of my favorite trends in earphones this year: the universal-fit custom. I suppose this goes back to the notion of hybrids mentioned above, only now we're talking about form-factor instead of drivers. To my thinking this offers a good compromise between universals and customs, capturing some of the benefits of the latter while eschewing some of the hassle. Now that they're freed from the constraint of using cylindrical, tube-shaped shells, I think we may see some really inspiring universals in the coming years.


This year saw the emergence of quite a few new prospects in the category of closed-headphones: the Momentum, MDR-1, UE4000, UE6000, UE9000, those Parrot Zik thingamajigs, M100, ESW11LTD, Ultrasone Signature DJ, D600, D7100, new Audez'e prototypes, Muramasa VIII, the Pandora line, TH600, TH900, etc. As far as full-sized headphones go, I think it's safe to say this was the prevailing trend for this year both in terms of products released and products announced. At the same time there were some interesting takes on older approaches: the new Jecklin Float QA for helmet-class two-speakers-on-your-head 'stats and the JPS Labs ABYSS for one-sided orthos.


This year also saw the "opening up" of the electrostatic headphone niche somewhat. With great new amps like the Liquid Lightning and Electra being released, consumers have more choices than ever before. There've been more than a few new Stax owners 'round these parts, which helps to inject new life into a scene that was frankly getting pretty stagnant and settled in its ways. New voices = usually good. Also, awareness of the Koss ESP/950 has been growing and more and more head-fiers are taking advantage of the periodic sales (when it drops to around $550 - 600) to become first-time 'stat owners. Coupled with the new Stax portables, Edifier backing Stax financially, and rumors of new Jades from Head-Direct and a new 'stat from Sennheiser ... it's a good time to be getting into electrostatic headphones.


* * * * * * *


Some highlights for me this year (all "IMHO" of course) ...




Fostex TH900 ---> Best headphone of the year. In fact, this may be the best dynamic headphone since the R10 IMHO.

Jecklin Float QUAD Atelier ---> Runner-up. In terms of pure sound quality, these best the TH900. They'd be my top pick if it weren't for the current reliability issues.

HiFiMan HE-400 ---> Best commercial headphone under $500

Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD ---> Best "not bad, but could have been better" headphone.

Denon AH-D7100 ---> Worst headphone of the year.

Final Audio Design Muramasa VIII ---> Most insane headphone of the year I can't talk about.

Sony MDR-MA900 --> Most overlooked headphone of the year.


2012 headphones I haven't tried but look promising: Momentums, MDR-1R, UE6000




FitEar TO GO! 334 ---> Best earphone of the year.

Ocharaku Flat4 SUI ---> First runner up for best earphone of the year and best earphone under $500

Final Audio Design Heaven VI ---> Second runner up for best earphone of the year

JVC Victor HA-FXD80 ---> Best earphone under $100

FitEar F111 ---> Best new reference earphone

Tie: Sony XBA series and AKG K3003 ---> Best earphone pariahs

Ultrasone IQ ---> Ugliest earphone of the year


2012 earphones I haven't tried but look promising: Ultimate Ears UE900, Stax SR-002, Sennheiser IE800

2012 customs I most want to try: FitEar Monet, JH16 Pro Freq-Phase, Ultimate Ears PRM, Canal Works CW-L51




Cavalli Audio Liquid Lightning ---> Favorite electrostatic amp this year

Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass ---> Favorite dynamic amp this year

Leckerton UHA-6S / UHA-6Smk2 ---> Favorite portable amp this year

Sony NWZ-F806 Walkman ---> Favorite DAP this year


Sennheiser HD700 ---> Most expensive thing I bought that I rarely use

iBasso DX100 ---> Runner up for most expensive thing I bought that I rarely use

Koss ESP/10 'stats and E/10 transformer ---> Best eBay find (ie. least expensive thing I often use)


* * * * * * *


Going into next year ...


What I'll be checking out first:

Ultimate Ears UE900, VSONIC GR07 Bass Edition, VSONIC GR01, Sennheiser IE800, Heir Audio Tzar 350, Ocharaku Flat4 Maple, Stax SR-002


Headphones coming out I'm looking forward to exploring:

Fostex TH600, FAD Pandora, JPS Labs ABYSS, closed Audez'e, HeAUDIO / Head-Direct Jade II (???) and new 'stats from Sennheiser (???)


Earphones coming out I'm looking forward to exploring:

VSONIC V7007, Cardas Ear Mirror (???)


Speakers I'm looking forward to most:

Magico S1 (their new "entry-level" model...)


Audio-related projects, events, and goals (not necessarily in order):


--> Get the Jecklin Float QA sorted out or replaced; continue my journal entries about what may end up being my new favorite headphones

--> Send the Moth 2A3 in to Eddie Current for modifications

--> Eddie Current Electra

--> BHSE with custom colored faceplates

--> Customs: Spiral Ear and possibly JHA; Rooth universals

--> One-off 10-Driver CIEM project

--> New sources: Resolution Cantata (DAC / CD transport) or NAD M51 (DAC / phono stage); turntable from Michell Engineering, Oracle, Sota, AVID, or VPI

--> Get back into vinyl; get a new Dynavector cartridge

--> Desktop / smaller monitors pre-move: Harbeth, Lahave, Fritz, Clearwave, or KEF

--> Floor-speakers post-move: NOLA, Magico, Wilson, Vivid, Talon, Estalon, or Rockport


Possible themes for next year: speakers ...? CIEMs ...? Headphone transcendence ...?


Ideally, I'd like to have three main sources: turntable, the Cantata (DAC + CD transport), and a Walkman DAP.

--> Dynamic rig: Moth 2A3

--> Electrostats: Electra / LL / BHSE

--> Misc: Ayon or Accuphase integrated amp --> Float QA / TakeT H2+ ("the transformer duo")

--> Portable: Leckerton UHA-6S and possibly Sony PHA-1 or a certain secret portable amp from a manufacturer I like that may or may not come out, but I'm really hoping will come out, but I can't talk about...


Speakers by my desk: Harbeth Super HL5

Speakers in my study: NOLA Micro Grand Reference or Magico S1 / S5

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Originally Posted by a_recording View Post




Make sure to keep your Chrimbus bush trimmed, or Winter Man will be upset.







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I think my biggest 2013 audio "project" will be trying to get back into actually listening to music at home.  For the past several months or so I've been letting most of my stuff gather dust while I just use IEMs straight out of my iPod.  My sessions with with the Conductor and the Balancing Act have been exceptions, not the rule. 


Step one will be cleaning my room and improving the general aesthetic of it.  I want to enjoy being in there, not just comfortable in the worst, personally destructive/enabling way.  I want to put an aquarium where I currently have a pile of old boxes and get what I'd consider to be a reading chair in there somewhere, probably where I have a palm tree (not the huge wonderful one) that's not doing so well and should probably be relocated anyways. 


I curious about the TH600's and... not much else at the moment.  I'm always somewhat tempted to get into electrostats, though; I almost got a discounted SR007 MKII the other day despite not yet owning an amp for them, but restrained myself.  Super DACs and stats are two fields I should be in a better position all around before jumping into.  I could also use more perspective on the hobby in general before taking such leaps which means actually living with a system for longer than a few weeks/months before upgrading it.



In a similar sense I'm also trying to get back into actually playing video games.  I'm setting up all my consoles in the living room and will be hooking them up to an AV receiver I'm getting for Decemberween.  I ordered Mega Man Legends and X7 because I feel like those are games that could ease me back into the hobby.  I should also relocate another indoor tree I have and put a game rack in its place so they're actually out somewhere and accessible.

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Happy Holidays everyone!




Final Audio Design Muramasa VIII ---> Most insane headphone of the year I can't talk about.


MF, did they make you sign an NDA or something?!? (I think I've asked you before but not sure if you responded or ignored me! LOL!)



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@driver 8

What's with you and indoor trees? Usually most people are happy with a few flowers and Creeping Charlies. You're the first person I've met who has small trees in his domicile. Trees are usually a lot harder to care for then a say a small rose bush a cactus a Peace Lily or a Creeping Charley. You my friend seem to be going all out on your horticultural pursuits.

Oh by the way, if you're looking into an aquarium do some research on the Discus fish. It's a gorgeous looking fish.


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