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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2 - Page 250  

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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post  ...and then send him some crushed seashells to make the faceplates out of.


Nah, let's crush up multiple carbon nanotube drivers and have him swirl it in the acrylic... either that, or do an extremely fine-weave carbon fiber layup --- the shell would be made layer by layer, with the acrylic resin lacquered on in between.

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Just when I think Wizard's creativity may be exhausted, he comes up with stuff like coral faceplates and grass weaves.


I love the au naturale thing they've got going on there.

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What I find impressive is that other customs makers are adding wood to their design options, but Heir's continue to look distinctive and so much better. *


I have no idea what he's doing, but he's doing it right.


*(Actually, I also like the UE PRM's wood; the clear acrylic and strong grain makes me think of Scandi modern designs, but they lack the gracefulness of Heir's work.)

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Now that I think about it... what about things like inlaid strips of verdigris copper and red iron, invoking a kind of old-technology wabi-sabi.


I suspect the acrylic would probably bubble over rough metal surface, though.

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As much as I adore all the unusual designs Heir and other manufacturers come up with, I personally prefer more simple approaches for my own customs.


The exception would be coral faceplates. 'Cuz they remind me of the ocean depths from which I dragged myself...

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Yup. I have some ambivalence regarding the logo badged over my Hiditions. On the one hand, I like the logo design on its own merits; on the other, for this particular IEM I think I would have preferred no logo, or maybe the logo stamped in black over the black shell cover, so that it's visible but not as pronounced.


If I end up getting my Heirs redone, I might go for an even simpler color scheme than they currently have. Maybe similar to the Hiditions: Light smoke body, black cover. The current ones have no logo, and if I end up mimicking the Hiditions' colors I'll probably get the logo on their shells as well, though I'll ask if I can get black-on-black or some variation. (Edit: What I would really like is the logos stamped on the sides or top of the body, but apparently that's much harder to do, since it has to be done during the shell's casting.)

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The first thing I listened today on headphones was shifted all the way to the left speaker and had little to no right speaker output. This messed with me head and convinced me that my right driver was broken/quieter than the left one. I listened to like 5 songs and hard shifted left/right channel on audacity and could not avoid this. Then I plugged my IEMs into my phone to test it and it seemed a little better. I put it back into my PC and it seems to be centered again. But I'm not sure if I'm just trying to make it seem centered, or if it really got fixed, or if there was even a problem in the first place. And I have no other headphones to test with on me, so I'm just going to sit here in anguish.
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Originally Posted by jgray91 View Post

While I myself am not too knowledgeable in all manner Warhammer 40k, this is a good repository of the backstory of the universe: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page#.UM31MW_a_8g They are first and foremost a tabletop game first made in the 1970s or something, but the lore themselves is their own universe, which occasionally ties back to the game.
Where to start is something of a hard thing to answer. Back then when I just discovered internet, I stumbled on power-armored super-humans waving chainswords killing orcs and thought that it's ******* badass, and then the RTS games and thought that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It goes downhill into the depths of hell from there. I guess now that they are actively expanding the history of how the 40,000th millennium came to be; that is they are telling the story of the 30,000th millennium; you can start from the Horus Heresy saga. For dead-tree books, Amazon is the default place to go, while I think for ebooks you (and me apparently. No more plundering from the depths of the Internet for the books, since I genuinely like love them) should stick to Black Library. I have no idea for the graphic novels and such though.
I suppose there are graphic novels and comics, but I've never been too interested in them since I got all my visual stimulation of its Gothic interpretation from the video games.
And yes, on top of reading from the official unofficial lore library (Lexicanum up there) for more time blackhole you should also visit the TV Tropes page of it.
Not only there are humans (normal human armies, superhumans in power armor, nuns in power armor, space Inquisition rooting out heresy, witchcraft, corruption and rebellion, kilometers-long cathedral-warships, cyborgs and their legions of gigantic warmachines), there are space orcs, space elves, space Soviet Russia aliens, space dark elves, all-consuming space insect swarms, corrupted humans (including all the subfactions mentioned) and ancient primordial. eldritch gods. And all of the stories regarding them span whole galaxies in wars that lasted 10,000 years.
I'm sorry for you lost days.
EDIT: Lucky you, dear new reader, they also have this: http://www.blacklibrary.com/Getting-Started/New-Reader.html

Thank you so much. I'll make sure to read through your links to see whether or not Warhammer 40k is for me or not. I highly suspect it is, as much as I highly suspect that it will consume precious time, although, the very place where I would be reading these books would be on my way to and from work - making my commuting all the more enjoyable.
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Glad I can be of help. Do note though that's it's kind of like fantasy sci fi, in that I mean that they lost the know-how of technology like we do know now, but instead believed they are all arcane and sacred. It's in the huge lore though. But it's not all the time it's sci-fi, mind you.
EDIT: And please don't read the TV Tropes link before sleep. I'd feel bad if you didn't go to sleep because you're lost in 20 tabs from TV Tropes.
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My dream custom is the 8.A, with grass/Macassar Ebony checkerboard pattern on the face, with dark translucent purple/burgundy (think a dark wine) shells with clear tips.




Ugh. I need to finish college.


On an unrelated note, has anyone listened to Air's album "Le Voyage Dans La Lune"? It is PHENOMENAL, and reminds me how badass timpanis are.

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Update: I stopped thinking bout it and the sound is centered again. I seriously hate it when that happens and it simply goes to show how susceptible to placebo I am.
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 Minimalist's Portable Rig: Samsung Galaxy S3 > Samsung HS3000 > Sennheiser IE800  (Click for HD image)



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Is that your rig? (I'm curious about the IE800's)

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james444: do you have the intl version of the galaxy s3? Sadly the American variant doesn't have the wolfson dac so hear a LOT of noise.
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Originally Posted by driver 8 View Post

Is that your rig? (I'm curious about the IE800's)



James is the only person whose impressions I trust who has actually heard / owns the IE800.


Like the Fidelio X1, it seems to be available in some places but not in others. And like the X1 I want it but can't find it yet.

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