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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2 - Page 136  

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MM source dependent what to do? 

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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

Hope nobody minds me posting the following in this thread.

Within the next week or so I was planning on putting up a FS post in an attempt to move along some gear that's been collecting dust for the last little while. Up for grabs is my Ortofon e-Q7 IEM, JVC HA-FXT90 IEM, Audio Technica ATH EW9 wood clip ons and maybe even my Beyerdynamic DT1350's. All my stuff is in pretty good condition (no scuffs scratches etc). All gear would come with all accessories but the only gear that would come with original packaging would be the DT1350 and e-Q7. Reason for selling, none of the gear is getting enough head time for me to keep it so I'm thinking it's better to move it along to someone who could better appreciate it. Reason I'm posting this in here is I don't plan to throw up the FS posting until end of next week once I get time to take some pics so I thought I'd give all the regs in this thread first crack at the gear before I post it out to the general head-fi public. If anyone is interested let me know.

Hmm. The EW9 sounds interesting but I am short of funds, and saving up for the FXZ200. Can't help you there much, unless you're willing to wait until February to sell it LOL.
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Originally Posted by Sylverant View Post



I've read about the new 7 Gamer; I'm just not sure whether it will be worth waiting for. The 7970M is a great card given its price to performance ratio, but Enduro is really bad compared to Optimus, doing nothing for battery life while hurting performance. If Samsung offered it without Enduro --or if AMD fixed their drivers-- I'd certainly consider it. At the same time though, I've read that the current 7 Gamer might drop to $1200-1300 on Black Friday, which is a ridiculously good price.

With the latest Optimus update, 7 Gamer owners claim they're getting a solid 4.5 hour battery life on internet browsing with the display just below half. Although higher than real life use, anandtech's numbers confirm that the current 7 Gamer has great battery life: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6343/avadirect-clevo-p170em-amds-hd-7970m-got-game/8

The 7970M will give you the performance of the 680M for $250 less, but the Nvidia cards look like more balanced options. Hopefully we'll be able to see how Samsung chooses to deal the battery life issues brought in by the 7970M when they put it on the market.

That said, I can't wait to hear about your monster when spring comes around beerchug.gif

Yeah, I think I'll do a couple of gaming as well as every-day-stuff videos with fraps for you to see (I've kind of wanted to know how it handles every-day-stuff myself, being a monster and all).


7970M IS a great card, and that's part of why it kind of pisses me off that AMD screwed this up big time with driver and enduro issues. I agree, I'll be eagerly awaiting your respective monster when the time is nigh for your buying it! Have you looked at the MSI variants as well? They have one, although more expensive than the Series 7 gamer, with 680M and two mSata SSDs in RAID. The benchmarks for that is ridiculous. The 680M is supposedly underclocked somehow, but perhaps custom bios could probably change that when those hardware freaks come about to do their own. They've already made their own for Clevo notebooks, giving the ability to oc the 680M in SLi. I wouldn't want to oc them (nor the 780Ms) - the performance will probably be more than enough at stock speeds, and anything above 60 fps would probably be redundant frames because of issues and the screen not being able to update faster than 60 hertz.


Yeah, the series 7 gamer has a great battery life (and a very nice, clean, design) making a viable option to bring along anywhere you go. I wouldn't want to bring a space ship with me, but the 7 gamer is anything but that, save for that flashy animation when going to gaming mode. Apparently the keyboard is of superb quality as well, making a pretty versatile machine.


As for the keyboard, at first I wanted a good keyboard for writing, but then it kind of hit me: the few times I will actually be writing anything is on different forums and when doing programming. My university days are over (besides, I took that institution job creating their databases, more on that later...). When I'll be doing programming, I will sit at my desk with an external screen and a mech keyboard, so the keyboard doesn't really have to be superb as long as it works for the occasional post and gaming.


Now, as for the job, I think many people have probably wondered which I chose. Well, I chose the one creating databases and developing a system for the scientists to input and output large amounts of data from the database. Why? Well, first off, the pay was good and the job was more the same than I had imagined at first. Except for the fact that at the institution I'd have much less stress and pressure from bosses. They pretty much said "we don't even care when you coome and go, as long as you do your job - and at times it will get a bit slower so you can develop your system in peace and quiet". That pretty much sealed the deal. At the other job, as compelling as it was, they said that it would be pretty stressful and demanding and a lot of overtime work. As a father of two, and being a bit depressive to boot, that's not really the environment for me fresh out of university. Oh well, the contracts are written and my first day will be tomorrow, monday. On wednesday I'm booked for a two-day conference with hotels and stuff. Now the old people here will wigh, but aws for a newbie in this business, I'm kind of excited about it (actually, my first "conference trip" LOL). They've reserved the hotel for "late night dinner and drinks" where I've chosen that I'll be sober. I think being sober is the best way to go for me. Mineral/spring water and coffee for me - no drinks.


Speaking of drinks, I tasted Inca Kola yesterday. My oh my, I loved it. I looked like urine and tasted and smelled like bubble gum. Very good imo.


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Originally Posted by veyrongatti View Post

Just bought an XBA 3 for 100 dollars and Wow dosent sound like an BA 


I guess they sound pretty lush but still fall within BA sound IMO, just not analytical BA sound.  

Originally Posted by PhoenixClaw View Post

Yeah the 4 was really too bassy for me. The 3s were much better.


On another note: Good news for those of us living in "budget-fi"



XBA 3 definitely has the most balanced frequency response.

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Originally Posted by drez View Post


I guess they sound pretty lush but still fall within BA sound IMO, just not analytical BA sound.  


XBA 3 definitely has the most balanced frequency response.

The more I listen to it the more it ruins my poorly encoded music....... 

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Originally Posted by Coq de Combat View Post

Now, as for the job, I think many people have probably wondered which I chose. Well, I chose the one creating databases and developing a system for the scientists to input and output large amounts of data from the database.

Speaking of drinks, I tasted Inca Kola yesterday. My oh my, I loved it. I looked like urine and tasted and smelled like bubble gum. Very good imo.

Congratulations on the new job! It's good that you try to start out the way you are; make sure you don't get too disconnected from the rest of your office, though.

And I'm very sorry that you had Inca Cola. Guarana Antarctica is better, in the way a stubbed toe is better than a black eye.
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Thread Starter 

Congrats, Coq de Combat!

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This popped up in my "Goddam nice music" youtube playlist. This is so LOL.
Congrats on your new job CdC!
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Originally Posted by ardgedee View Post

I agree with MuppetFace that the similarities between Hunger Games and Battle Royale are basically children in a form of arena combat. Arena combat is far too common a motif to be considered a grounds for plagiarism, so if the key remaining similarity is that school-aged kids are fighting, rather than grown men, grannies, or furries, I'm as ready to believe its coincidence as not. Can't say there's no copying going on, but this isn't adequate evidence that there has been any.
In other news, Monday is going to be an odd day for me. I'm looking forward to it but I don't know if I'm ready for it.


 If Battle Royale didn't have anything original just like Hunger Games ( both equally copying something) could you name me another movie were children were fighting to death like gladiators in arena combat. At least BR had original twist to a general gladiator theme. 


There is not a problem in borrowing general themes like gladiator fights but children as gladiators is not a general theme already it is a specific theme which immediately brings suspicion. Children as gladiators in a totalitarian state is even more narrow and special. Children as gladiators in a totalitarian state with love relation between a main hero and one opponent is even more specific and less general.


1. Gladiator theme


2. Children as gladiators


3. Totalitarian regime


4. Love relationship between a main character and one opponent gladiator


5. Complex fight ( not 1 vs 1) with cooperated groups


How come there are so many coincidences? 


There are striking similarities which were noticed by the author of this article: 


NINE similarities between The Hunger Games and The Battle Royale




7. The teens are supposed to kill each other until only one remains. The winner gets his life back.

I think it's forgivable that both battlegrounds share this premise. What's really interesting is that both Battle Royale and Hunger Games had not one but two survivors, and both by cheating. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (HG) drew deadly night berries and posed to die together until the host's voice stopped them and declares them both as 'victors'. To pass off as not trying to manipulate the system, they pretend to be madly in love but in fact they aren't (but ends up together in Book 3).

In BR, some participants also tried to cheat the system, but didn't survive. Shuya Nanahura and Noriko Nakagawa survived because one of the players gave them instructions on how to escape (the martyr died). The two were able to return to the mainland but not to their families because the police are already hunting their heads.


8. In such a desperate time, there are players who are passionate about the killing. And in both stories. In HG, the tributes Marvel and Glimmer from District 1 and tributes Cato and Clove from District 2 compose the Career Pack. They were trained to kill, and they kill mercilessly. In BR, the psychopaths are Kazuo Kiriyama and Mitsuko Souma.

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Again, the Hunger Games series is about more than he actual games or the totalitarian state.



Not even remotely Head-fi related, but I noticed Zazzle is having a 50% off sale on frames and prints today and decided to order this for my living room:


(their sample image)


Hopefully it turns out well!  I went quite a bit above Zazzle's size recommendation, but the image was still fairly high res and I'm going to put it up in an area where people won't be getting too close.  Just wanted to share something I'm happy about because I've spent most of my morning frustrated over the fact that prints of this painting (Reflection with Two Children - Lucian Freud) don't seem to exist anymore.

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Originally Posted by driver 8 View Post

Again, the Hunger Games series is about more than he actual games or the totalitarian state.


Oh really? 

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Originally Posted by mutabor View Post


Two more books in the series and more stealing from other sources? We will see.


Actually, it's more than the games.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The rest of the books are about Katniss becoming a symbol of the revolution. She accepts her role, and leads the districts to freedom from the oppression of the capital.

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Tanya Grotter (RussianТаня Гроттер) is the female protagonist of a Russian fantasy novel series by Dmitri Yemets. Tanya (short for Tatiana) Grotter is an orphan with intentional resemblances to J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter. The series is not available in English translation, the first book having been judged a breach of copyright.


The central character and plot elements of the first novel, Tanya Grotter and the Magical Double Bass, closely resemble those of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, but are transposed into a Russian setting. Tanya Grotter has an unusual birthmark on her nose, magical powers, an upbringing by "Lopukhoid" (equivalent to Muggle) relatives after her parents were killed by an evil sorceress Chuma-del-Tort (the official translation of Voldemort name in Russian was 'Volan-de-Mort'), and goes to study at the Tibidokhs (Тибидохс) School for Behaviorally-Challenged Young Witches and Wizards. Tanya's foster-family, the Durnevs, live in an urban apartment block, and Tanya is forced to sleep not in a cupboard but in the apartment's loggia.[1]

Yemets described the books as "a cultural reply" to the Potter series,[2] and they feature allusion to Russian culture and folklore[3] such as Baba Yaga,[1] rusalkiwitches on Bald Mountain and the works of Pushkin (for instance, Tibidox is on the island of Buyan mentioned in Pushkin's The Tale of Tsar Saltan).[1]

After the first book, the plots diverge from those of the Harry Potter series. For instance, in Tanya Grotter and the Golden Leech, Tanya finds herself pitted against "Hurry Pooper" (a thinly disguised Harry Potter) in the World Dragonball Championship. While trying to reach the ball, they crash, creating a new timeline in which Chuma-del-Tort has won, good and evil being reversed, and all the characters are speaking a Russian equivalent of Orwellian Newspeak. To restore normality, Tanya must defeat the Golden Leech. Mark Hooker, an independent academic at Indiana University's Russian and East European Institute, has interpreted the Golden Leech as capitalism, and the whole plot as an allegory of Yemets's real-world legal conflict over the copyright.



The Dutch court found the following similarities between Harry Potter and Tanya Grotter:[1]

Harry Potter Tanya Grotter
Harry's parents are killed by an evil wizardVoldemort (in Russian translation, Volan-de-Mort) Tanya's parents are killed by an evil witch, Chuma-del-Tort
He thinks they were killed in a car crash She thinks they were killed in an avalanche
He has a mysterious scar on the forehead She has a mysterious birthmark on the nose
He is left on the doorstep of his aunt and uncle, Vernon and Petunia Dursley She is left on the doorstep of her second cousins, Ninel and Germain Durnev
They treat him poorly, spoiling their own son Dudley Dursley They treat her poorly, spoiling their own daughter Penelope ("Pipa")
When he is 11, having no previous knowledge of his powers, he is invited to Hogwarts, a school for wizards and witches When she is 10, having no previous knowledge of her powers, she is invited to Tibidox, a school for wizards and witches
The remote Hogwarts can only be reached by train from a secret platform The remote Tibidox can only be reached by flying or teleportation
He makes two special friends She makes two special friends
He becomes an outstanding player of Quidditch, flying on a broom She becomes an outstanding player of Dragonball, flying on a double bass
Voldemort seeks the Philosopher's Stone, hidden at Hogwarts Chuma-Del-Tort seeks an amulet, hidden under Tanya's birthmark
The story's climax is at the school's depths. The story's climax is in the school basement
Harry and friends fight Voldemort's henchman Tanya and friends fight Chuma-del-Tort
They win, but the Philosopher's Stone is purposefully destroyed. They win, but the amulet is lost
Harry's first school year ends Tanya's first school semester ends

Is Tanya Grotter a rip off of Harry Potter? Maybe or maybe not. There are many similarities but are they convincing enough? Questions, questions...

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I was about to comment that the pictured book doesn't translate to Magical Double Bass, but then I thought that it's probably a later book in the series. I am correct. tongue.gif
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HG's emphasis on propaganda, which the author of that "9 Similarities" article notes in #6, is more essential to the story than you or that blogger are recognizing.  In #7 the blog mentions that, in both scenarios, 2 participants survive instead of one, but fails to reiterate that the BR couple escapes while the HG one uses the "story" they built up, as per their mentor's suggestion, to force the government's hand lest they cast the games in an unfavorable light to the capitol. 


Does Battle Royal devote a lot of time to the "gladiator's" relationships with their potential benefactors and the manner in which they're presented to the press?  (I don't care enough about any of this to read Battle Royal, so these aren't rhetorical questions).  This perverse sort of propaganda seems to shape many aspects of HG and could easily account for why the participants are teenagers if the author had actually never read BR.  If the author was familiar with BR, but HG's themes differ significantly (as they seem to to me right now) it would be safer to say that BR had some influence on the work.

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