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Happy Holidays!

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Merry Xmas guys smily_headphones1.gif
May your headphone spew candy canes
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Merry Christmas :3 I hope everyone has some plans to relax and spend time with family or friends!


I liked that Swedish goat article. A public burning of a goat effigy sounds like a worthy tradition that should spread across the land. I would have liked it if the goats twitter account tweeted about the goats horrible burning pain and spewed curses at the murderers for generations, but I guess I'm just sentimental like that.

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Merry Christmas diary club, I hope santa found you all.
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Just a couple of things to help you guys get in the holiday spirit...


The Nativity


Battle Beasts!  **** YEAH!

Be festive!



Totally didn't see that last one coming.


Merry Christmas everyone!

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And the winner is......


Merry Christmas to my diary mates.
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Originally Posted by Achmedisdead View Post

me gusta


on a sad note I spent the day with my younger cousins today, her father's not been in her  lfie to much and the last thing I did with her [she moving to be with him ironically next week] was we played house! ... she cooked me thanksgiving dinner, so my day was happy and sad!  :[ I'd post a picture of her but well... that would be stupid :D I'm 100% for keepin our kids off the interenet! [at least their pics and names

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Happy holidays to everyone, especially to those like me who are away from home or on an entirely different continent.

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MF On Flicks 


.  -  ~  -  .  .  -  ~  -  .


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80


Black Christmas

(Clark, 1974)


.  -  ~  -  .


Snow is falling. Carolers are singing. Gibbering maniacs are hiding out in the attic.


Ah, that special time of year is upon us. Time to watch Black Christmas and take part in a perverse movie night tradition amongst friends.


"HO HO HO.... schiit."


The genesis of the slasher flick is often traced back to Halloween , but before Carpenter had his evil Commander Data lookalike hack people into meat ribbons, another holiday altogether served as the backdrop for young adults being brutalized. Indeed, Black Christmas launched a whole new trend in horror filmmaking---for better or for worse---but continues to stand out from the throng the followed. It's just really well done.




The premise is straightforward enough: a sorority house starts getting obscene phone calls around the time students and faculty are beginning to leave for winter vacation. The phone calls though are beyond mere perverted fun and games. The phone calls are truly disturbing, consisting of nearly inhuman grunts and other manic, garbled vocalizations mixed in with what seems like a child's voice. The phone calls are increasing in frequency. In spite of this everyone continues to go about their business, gearing up for the holidays, dealing with relationship problems, drinking and making merry. Slices of dorm life. In particular, the lovely Margot Kidder gives a pretty good performance as an irresponsible house sister. There's also Marian Waldman who plays an over-the-top boozing house mother, Ms. Mac. She did other underground horror stuff in the 70s like Deranged: Confession of a Necrophile. Anyway, as the students start leaving for home one by one, certain girls begin to go missing. Most don't want to think too hard about it, though.




Things work out to where the protagonist Jess, played by the also-lovely Olivia Hussey, ends up staying behind on campus. She has some rather heavy news to deliver to her boyfriend who studies at the music conservatory. It involves an abortion. He doesn't take it well. In fact he really freaks out, casting him as the primary suspect for recent events. Meanwhile police discover a dead body close to the campus and decide to try and trace the phone calls that keep coming, hoping for a lead. It all comes to a head as the film gives its big reveal. I wont spoil it. However I will say that it's the first time a now well known horror cliche was used, and the effect here is still surprisingly fresh. The climax of the film is genuinely spine chilling and quite well delivered.




Kind of hard to believe this was directed by Bob Clark, the guy responsible for the transvestite exploitation film She-Man, as well as Porky's II and Baby Geniuses. Yeah I don't know.


The mood of this film is just spot-on in most respects, with the thin veneer of holiday festivities just giving things an even more sinister quality by contrast. There's a great sense of cold too, especially during the attic scenes. Perhaps the greatest directorial decision was to use the killer's point of view at points throughout the narrative. This lends a really eerie, voyeuristic quality to what could have otherwise been bland establishing shoots. For instance we see early on in first-person perspective the killer's climbing up the side of the house to get inside. There are also some great twists and turns, as well as open ended questions left unresolved, lending a psychological depth to what could have just been a run-of-the-mill horror b movie.




Also worth mentioning is the soundtrack to the film. It's appropriately warped, and the story goes the compositions were created by fastening forks and knives to the strings of a piano to achieve the effects. While that sounds really cool, to me it comes across more as reel-to-reel tape experimentation. Or at the very least like tapes being slowed down in key places. It all comes together to make Black Christmas a rather unforgettable holiday tradition.


Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house...

Not a creature was stirring...


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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post


Snow is falling. Carolers are singing. Gibbering maniacs are hiding out in the attic.


Ah, that special time of year is upon us. Time to watch Black Christmas and take part in a perverse movie night tradition amongst friends.


You're watching this right now aren't you?

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Happy holidays to the stirring mice of the diary thread.

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@MF: That looks rad and I'll probably try to watch it tomorrow night.


@everyone: Happy Holidays! 



I always feel like I'm going insane this time of year :/  I'm not even sure if i should elaborate on that, just... don't be like me, kids; I'm a ******* Grinch...

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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post


You're watching this right now aren't you?



Love the seasonally adjusted avi!

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Some shop has a holiday sale on the Nuforce HP-800 for $80. I'm thinking of actually going for them. They also have the Sony XB-910 for a little bit more, but having looked up reviews, I don't feel so sure about them anymore. Obviously they're gimmicky -- they're XB 'phones -- however, I already have the XB-500 and it feels like just another iteration of the same one-dimensional set of headphones that are basically only good for satisfying my basshead cravings. As for the Nuforce, it's probably me seeking to find the M50 substitute I want, rather than anything else. Oh and yeah, they're apparently very bassy, which would satisfy my basshead cravings but possibly put out some music too, while massaging my ears. I've removed my amp due to the excessive bloat it makes on my desk, and because of that I'd like a bassy set of headphones to substitute the tonal controls I had with the amp, that will work well with mobile devices. While the D2000 are fine and all that, they're a bit fragile feeling and not really the bass monsters I once thought of them -- they're a bit more to the neutral side of things than I'd like for certain types of moods and musings. The XB-500 are also fine for bass but they kind of veil everything else down, and that fact is not all that amazing when push comes to shove.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to feel like the Nuforce HP-800 could possibly, at least partially, satisfy my wishes.


Translation: I want good hiphop and trap music 'phones for $80, will the Nuforce HP-800 fit the bill?


Edit: I also should mention that the normal price for the Nuforce ones all over Sweden is about $200, so $80 is a good bargain. These prices are directly conversed from SEK to USD, which is stupid imo, but it's probably the closest thing we have to measure.

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