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With all the gear being announced lately, at RMAF and elsewhere, I thought I'd draw up a listing to help myself keep track of it all. In general my urge to acquire new gear had been on the down-low as of late, tempered by my desire to downsize along with satisfaction over my electrostat rig. Currently I'm waiting on my Cavalli Liquid Lightning to be delivered once Alex gets back, and I've also put a down payment on a HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE. I'm thinking about picking up a Resolution Cantata to upgrade my current source as well. My primary rig is shaping up to be an even bigger monster now.


So, without further adieu:


Apex Glacier :: Portable amp and DAC designed by mastermind Pete Millett. Like the color scheme, but not so much the casework. Features seem very good. Pete's amps tend to have a rather distinct sound some may like more than others. 


Audez'e LCD-X :: The newly revealed closed-back prototype from former head-fi darlings Audez'e. I really like the look of the prototype, personally. From the description of their sound, they seem like a nice compliment to the LCD-2 rev. 1 and 2. No word on pricing, but I'm hoping it'll be in the $1k range. However judging by the gap in the current Audez'e lineup, I could see them situating it at roughly $1400 or so.


Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000X :: Next-to-no info on these yet, aside from some leaked bits and pieces on Japanese forums. Like the W1000X relative to the W1000, this is probably a newly designed and retuned version of the AD2000. The "X" models in AT's lineup have all been fairly unorthodox compared to their counterparts. If anything, this makes me want to get the original AD2000 now before it gets scarce.


Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD :: I'm *super* excited over these. The ESW9 and ESW10JPN are some of my favorite on-ear portable headphones, and I think they still deserve a top spot in the portables pantheon. I was taken aback by their appearance, which seems nearly identical to the ESW9, aside from some obligatory calligraphy on the cups designating them as limited editions. Usually AT's "limited" models have blonde, unfinished wood. This one reportedly uses black walnut. Either way, these are definitely at the top of my list. Saw a post that mentioned a late November released, but I have no idea how accurate that is as these have yet to be officially announced and were part of that leak.


Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold (LAu) :: A massive, fully balanced solid state amp meant to compete right alongside the B22. This is one I've been looking forward to for a while now. The massive, mega input-output solid state amp segment is something of a niche within a niche; it's one I happen to participate in and like. Apparently there is some debate as to whether the finished product will be a two box model or one giant box.


Eddie Current Electra :: Should be ready to preorder soon, with any luck. This thing has been on my radar for ages and has subsequently undergone several revisions. The finished product (or soon-to-be finished product) is going to be amazing from what trusted sources say. I'll be putting my deposit down, that's for sure.


Final Audio Design Heaven VI :: The new TOTL in the Heaven series (excluding the FI-BA-SS, which isn't actually part of the series). Balanced armature. Seems most likely to me to be a replacement for the Heaven S. Looks nice, if a bit uninspiring compared to older FAD. I'm considering picking one of these up this week (along with the FitEar F111 possibly...).


Final Audio Design "Pandora Trio" :: what I've taken to calling their new lineup of fullsized headphones, based off of the Pandora prototype they debuted in Hong Kong. Trusted reports thus far seem positive. More emphasis on higher registers. Bass is described as nice and punchy, but slightly rolled off. Very interested in hearing how they compare to the now discontinued Muramasa VIII.


Fostex TH600 :: Closed, dynamic headphone and younger sibling to the flagship TH900. Most noticeable difference are the cups which are matte black and made from magnesium, giving them an understated and rather sophisticated look. Apparently uses the same diaphragm as the TH900 but has a less powerful tesla rating (which strikes me more as marketing lingo than anything else). I'm hoping Fostex decides to make these flatter in FR relative to the TH900 rather than more colored.


Frogbeats C4 :: Not into customs much, but these have been getting good reviews from sources I trust. Apparently the imaging on these is out-of-this-world. Hopefully they'll have a demo unit available to try at some point.


HeAUDIO / HiFiMan Jade 2 :: Oden-tier electrostats with potentially improved build quality. Please release these, Fang. Please.


Jecklin Float Quad Atelier :: The spiritual successor to the original Floats, a project long in the making which has seen creative input (but to what extent remains a mystery) from Dr. Jurg Jecklin. The assembly has evolved quite a bit since their first unveiling and now features a rather curious headband / head harness. I've had a set reserved for some time now. Hopefully it will be ready soon.


JPS Labs Abyss :: I conjured up some thoughts on that other forum about these. Seems like I've actually written quite a lot about these so far, maybe more than any other piece of gear in recent memory... and I haven't even heard 'em for myself! In this sense, it's the latest in a succession of ridiculously priced (and thus controversial) headphones which bring to mind the Edition 10 and Muramasa VIII. At nearly $5k, I'd like to think I'm enough of a rational creature to avoid procuring them, especially without hearing them first. I'm rather intrigued by a few comments, however. Namely that they sound like horn speakers (not *vintage* horn speakers, colored a la FAD's dynamic earphones, tho). While I disagree with the business side of things, it seems JPS has produced a truly exceptional driver. More orthos are a good thing! I'm sure more impressions will be forthcoming.


Sennheiser HE80 :: What I've taken to calling Sennheiser's electrostatic vaporware. LOL. No one wants these to be legit more than I do. Stories as to their whereabouts and the befuddled and bemused responses of interrogated reps abound, and there seems to be little consensus beyond a unified front of disunity and tightly sealed lips. Hopefully by CES they'll be announced in some official capacity. So looking forward to these.


Sennheiser IE800 ::The upcoming flagship IEMs from Senn. I'm still fond of their Aliens look and design cues. Plan to get these when they're available.


Stax SR-003 replacement :: The new portable amp and earphones from Stax. Don't know much else about them atm, but I love my SR-003 and consequently find these very appealing. Having some Stax IEMs while out and about on campus is an enticing prospect. On the subject of Stax, I'm wondering if there's any truth to the speculation of their releasing a new flagship amp. Given the growing state of the electrostat amp market, the re-entry of Stax back into their own game with a statement amp would be awesome.


Ultimate Ears PRM :: Sonically customizable customs. Not really interested in these, personally. Interestingly enough, I heard from a few folks that there isn't much variation in how you can tune these to sound; the "default" option is said to be an overall improvement on the original UERM.


Ultimate Ears UE900 :: UE stuff has been consistently good in my opinion. I'm planning on picking these up as soon as they're readily available.


Ultrasone Edition 8 Romeo & Juliet :: Same old Edition 8, but this time displaying a triumphant new level of garishness for Ultrasone. I actually kinda like the look of the Juliet. The concept is also equal parts endearing madness and cringe-worthy exploitation.


Ultrasone IQ :: Their extraordinarily gaudy IEMs. I'm actually somewhat intrigued (read: morbidly curious) to give these a go. Their form factor looks exceedingly awkward, but I imagine they've gone with an OEM of some sort rather than make them in-house, so there's no telling what they'll sound like.


Ultrasone Signature DJ :: The newest in Ultrasone's Signature line. Lord help me, but I find their overall look appealing. Priced at $1k, the idea of their being "DJ headphones" short circuits and becomes a matter of disjunction. Still, the Signature PRO was similar to the Edition 9, albeit with a more controlled bass. I imagine that these would be the revitalized Edition 9s people originally assumed the Signature PROs to be.


Unique Melody Platform Pure 6 :: More interested in these from a technical standpoint. Wouldn't really want to own them, personally.


VMODA M100 :: Reports from trusted sources as a little mixed, but overall these seem rather good. Bassy, but good. They seem like a fun option for on-the-go use. May get them as a partner for the Paradox when I want something less "correct."


Woo Audio WA7 :: Very interesting weighted companion cube boxy amp / DAC combo. Seems perfect for a desk in an office. I don't really care for Woo's products, however this one in particular caught my eye.

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re: AT AD2000, now that you mentioned it (it going scarce) this is going to be hard on me lol. I don't know how close the sound is it (AD2000) to the A1000x (I'm thinking not close at all) but really the aggressive look of the open back and my love for the 3D wing system (which, IME w/ the A1000X fits me perfectly) are what attracts me to the AD2000. That and just the scarcity of them amongst most Head-Fiers. Still, looking forward to the new model. And with this, hopefully the revamp of the whole AD series (so that I can afford at least some of the new line LOL)

re: VMODA M100, I think a little bass tilt, and possibly treble tilt, for any portable on-the-go headphones is a good thing, since IME, noise seems to be masking a lot of the lower and higher frequency, especially when I'm using the Metro (subway). Besides, they have those custom shields, which means I can flaunt my anime love. Somehow I am regretting not following the hype of these current Head-Fi darling and pre-ordered it. This would be quite nice to wear when winter just hit later this year. (No where in forever that it would be enough to combat -5 C (possibly not even 0 C) and below though).

Of the others on your 'interest list' MF, I'm most likely looking forward to your thoughts on the STAX IEM, the FAD "Pandora Trio", the UE900 and the TH600. Of course reading your impressions of the others is also great since I can't imagine even auditioning some of the more expensive gear here (both in Moscow and Malaysia) in the short term and medium term future.
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Originally Posted by jgray91 View Post

Hey DF, did Val said whether the matte black M100 is a limited run or not?

As far as I know the matte is NOT a limited run although V-MODA seems to be having trouble keeping enough matte custom shields in stock.


By the way if you go to the M-100 thread and read the last 7 or 8 pages or so there's a fellow who posted he might let his M-100 go. If you really want these cans he could be a viable option. The M-100 WILL NOT be available again to the public until around Xmas (maybe). If you buy the current limited pre release run you'll also get some extras that won't be available to the general public once the regular run hits the shelves. From what I've read the treble is very slightly boosted 1 to 1.5 db so relative to the rest of the signature it's quite flat. People have said there is sparkle and that it extends fairly well. I'm hoping people are right about that statement. The M-80 highs were rather bland in my opinion.


I just checked the tracking on my M-100 it officially hit customs today and is sitting somewhere in Vancouver 2 provinces over from me.

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Ooh, thanks for the heads-up. But the question is, which M100 thread LOL?
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The main huge 500 plus page one lol

I think the guy who posted he wanted to sell his M-100 posted it yesterday morning, I'm not sure.

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HERE you go jgray found the post for you. Be warned if you buy from him the warranty might be null and void. I'd check with V-MODA first and see if you had any warranty

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I found it, but I think a conflict of V-Moda's warranty policy is kind of a turn off. It's actually great because I'd be even more trouble monetarily if I were to jump on it.

EDIT: Thanks for the link, but I think I posted probably at the same time as you are.
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Even though you wont have warranty, you'd still get the extras... (like $60 worth or so I'd guess)... I doubt the headphones will break easily though, they look properly built. I'm really interested, especially on a white version, but right now I already ordered (and I'm waiting for 'em) the Ultrasone Signature DJs and the Sony MDR-1R (silver/brown YAY!!!!)... not sure if I want to keep on spending $ on headphones at the moment..

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Judging from some of the early receivers of the M100 pre-order, there are already some casualties. Not a lot mind you, and nothing to build a mountain of, but that still worries me. But the more pressing problem is money, so that deprive me of new purchases for the time being. Whether or not that's a good thing is all up to me, and currently I'm inclining to "sad". Looking forward to your Sony 1R impressions though, since that intrigues me too.

inb4 CES new offerings and make me want more gear. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Coq de Combat View Post

Yeah, the Clevos are attractive solutions. They have rather many resellers/re-something, not only Sager. They have Eurocom, Sager, Schenker, Falcon, etcetera. Someof them offer morethan others. I think Eurocom makes Clevo computers professional too, with Quadro gpus if you would like that. Some Clevo barebones though, are more like desktops with screens attached. This isn't exactly what I'd call a "laptop": https://forums.playfire.com/_proxy/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fnewtechinformation.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2011%2F09%2Favadirect-clevo-x7200-right.jpg&hmac=0b8e46baf79f2346ca09db40cb99e85f


Now, I do find the Clevo P170EM and P370EM to be very good looking despite being gamer laptops. I like the fact that they are pretty sober in their design, instead of being flying saucers and cirkuses.






I'm really interested though, did you buy the Samsung or not? The price was pretty good .. smile.gif

(also, I like the keyboard of the Samsung, looks more or less like a desktop keyboard on a laptop)


From what I've seen, Schenker looks like the most quality reseller, as far as options and services goes. AVADirect is probably their closest equivalent in the US in regards to build options --xoticpc/sager just offer quick builds. As for the x7200...13.2 pounds? Wow ><


A build with the P370 could be a bit expensive, but looks like perfection to me in every way. OTOH, is upgradibility really that significant? The current cpu/gpu connection standards (PGA/MXM) have been around for quite a while, and who knows when they'll change. What makes the Clevo significant to me is the ability to build it with top-end parts that for the most part, aren't accessible in the pre-built market at all, for a realistic price. For a high-end laptop (rather than a top-end one) a prebuilt from Samsung seems just fine.

I haven't bought the Samsung Gamer Series 7 (700G7C-s01us) yet, but probably will. The thing is, while $1699 is a great price for what your getting; the price has been even better in the past. Apparently from what I learned on retrevo.com, the 700G7C held an average summer sale price of $1429 on amazon (from 1st party amazon as the seller) from early spring all the way until the beginning of August, when all computer/parts prices seem to go up. I'm going to wait till black friday and see if it heads back that way again. If not, I don't think it's going up past $1700 during the holidays.

A particularly interesting Clevo model is the 11.6" W110ER. It's twice the thickness of ultrabooks; but with a 2gb 650M and the option to choose a full Quad-core i7, you've got as much power as the Series 7 Chronos for around $1200 in a very portable form factor. And with a 720P display, it nets an average of 70fps on high settings while gaming, which is quite better than the Chronos.

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Pretty sweet.

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LOL and just a while ago you were mentioning them. Good luck indeed.
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I'm really excited for these as well; even if I can't share in it. Aside from the mere idea of walking around with portable electrostatics being neat, there's something about the srm 002 (maybe its big volume pot) that looks really nice to me.

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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

Clumsier? Sure. The TakeT H2+ wobbles and practically falls off your head. Though from a purely aesthetic point of view I suppose the Quad Ateliers are more awkwardly implemented, whereas the H2+ at least looks more like a traditional headphone. Sort of.

I think the overall spirit is in keeping with the original Float. It's got the frame with zero adjustment ability, whereas the H2+ allows you to adjust them on the horizontal plane (unique among headphones, I believe) and offers a secondary auto resistance-type adjustment with a pseudo wing system comprised of some wires wrapped in leather. That's my biggest concern: fit. Thankfully the Float is designed to project sound outward, truly functioning as an earspeaker in that sense, but even the H2+ and K1000 which beam sound quite a bit offer some adjustment. Perhaps the new leather strap will function in that sense?

It's also interesting to see this new interpretation of the Float, especially as there already was an updated version of the Float in the form of Precide's ERGO line: the ERGO 1, ERGO 2, and ERGO AMT. From an aesthetic standpoint, the ERGOs are more along the lines of the original Floats. I'm not sure if they offer any adjustment. From a technology standpoint, the two lower models are dynamics whereas the top one uses a proprietary Heil-type driver design. Something similar was implemented in the H2+'s piezoelectric drivers to overcome the problem of limited excursion. I think the ERGOs were engineered by some of the folks associated with the original Float project, however Jurg Jecklin himself supposedly had a hand in the Quad Atelier's design and implementation. What appeals to me about the QA is that it's an electrostat like the original TOTL Float.

I'd completely forgotten the TakeT H2+ and that you had it. I dunno. These just make me think, "Why not get speakers?"

The iem Stax looks pretty great and is not astronomically expensive.
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