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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2 - Page 1177  

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I promised myself I wouldn't devolve into food talk. Ha.

The Food p0rn guy (as I know him) makes good things grosser and better.

Got me interested in how to make the stuff.

Ended up looking a lot like Selleongtang but more clear.

Again, I know nothing about food. I f** up cheesecakes and making tea.


So do chickens in Jamaica have real attitude problems or something what's with the name?

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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post

drez, have you tried the SR Tranquility Base yet?  That thing is unreal.  blink.gif


I still need to get myself a hifi rack!  I would like to try one as long as [SR] have a solid in home trial or something.

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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post


Right now, I am thoroughly content with the WA7.  It's almost a perfect storm for my immediate needs.  The DAC isn't the best I've heard, but it does the job just fine.  The sound, without any hint of sarcasm, is just lovely.  Oh, and I love the little IEM jack... love it, love it, love it!  smile.gif



drez, have you tried the SR Tranquility Base yet?  That thing is unreal.  blink.gif


Originally Posted by Silent One View Post


Even Order Harmonic distortion? Odd Order Harmonic distortion?? What if a consumer's sensitivity is at odds with Even Order... rolleyes.gif never mind, but hopefully you get the point. Your "Best" may simply not translate over into another's reality. Be it food, film, audio or sex. Still... it's good to have preferences! 


It was all making sense until I got the the sex part.  biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by Silent One View Post

Well... with me looking on from Southern California, they looktongue.gif cold. 


Lately yeah - although what's with these cold August nights we're having?!  blink.gif


- The WA7 certainly has found a niche. With my minimalist lifestyle returning, I may even get one for the nightstand bedside. 


- I haven't had time to hear the SR Tranquility Base yet, perhaps September. Especially with the final two pieces coming for my new system mid-Sept.


- Tired, my Family Forum Friendly Filter must have malfunctioned on the preference chat.rolleyes.gif


- I've been doing so much runnin' around at night, I hardly even noticed. A welcome relief for me, though, after burnin' up the previous couple of months. Speaking of burnin', I'm very excited - this weekend or next I'm going to get re-certified at the Velodrome in Carson. It has a wooden track and I'm gonna make it burn, baby...wink.gif

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I hope everyone won't mind a music dump.

Here is a music dump.

Music dump.


So have been listening to a lot of jazz every night. The magic hour seems to be about from 2-3am. It's pretty much the only time I get to use my headphones during the day,



But today I feel like Dome. And Cupol. Wire. Anything that Bruce Gilbert had laid his hands on.



And of course nothing is complete without some Cocteau Twins. They have too many songs. Why must they make it so hard for me to pick one. And a little bit of something else to go along with it.



I posted this on the Asian music thread but I guess it'd fit here. Just some stuff.



To top it all off, space rock.

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According to my dad, who went to Moscow some 10 years ago for work, Gorky Park isn't that recreational-centric back then. So was Arbat Road, where there were lines of soldiers on both side of the road, and there wasn't a lot of shops, and there was no cobblestone walkway. I'll get to a shot of it (the present Arbat of course) in a while.
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Timefor my own music dump


Eke, Silent One, lee, Idsy, I think you four will enjoy this one

TwinQY, MuppetFace, you two probably know this one and if not you should


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Okay, great. Waiting for Marvin Gaye's 11:55 minute "Got To Give It Up" to go final, then I'll check it out! wink.gif

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So some people like saying that everything on the Mantle's pretty much the same. No. What sort of world are they living in. It was simply so good that they had to do it again and again 9 times in a row. I guess they wouldn't be complaining if it was Pale Folklore because everything there's really the same.


I like the Mantle better than Marrow of the Spirit. Oh god the flames, they tickle my feet. Ashes Against the Grain narrows the gap though. Cause both have that post-rocky feeling and I side more with that sort of stuff as that's why I started with them. The Mantle is just more atmospheric and absurd with it.


Overall, I'm a bit bummered out by them -  I don't really see a path for them where I'd get excited about them again. If the new stuff is going to be more like that newer remix track from Marrow..well I feel like that'd be a faulty line of reasoning.


Now Alcest is something I'm more optimistic towards, especially since I discovered them really late (as in last year) so I didn't experience any growing pains. I can just enjoy them fully. Don't make fun of me for coming in late I was just disillusioned and unlucky.

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I was browsing my favourite Japanese Auction site and I came across this http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r104649356  turns out, A dual dynamic and a hybrid earphone was released by Maxell earlier this year. According to this thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/637280/maxell-new-iems-mxh-dba700-dual-hybrid-and-mxh-dd600-dual-dynamic-soon-to-be-released-in-japan the hybrid wasn't great but there is no review for the Dual dynamic version........So anyone willing to be a guinea pig? tongue.gif

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As long as you're buying it for me. biggrin.gif
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So I finally had some more time to hang around the Makerbot today. I think the real learning curve is, as I think I said earlier, getting around the hobbyist genesis of the device. Not that I think other similar devices are any different, but unless you're very familiar with the foibles of the unit it's hard to make usable prints.



I carried on where I left off... trying to print the now button-integrated version of the PCDP stand. I also made one minor change, four round holes at the top to accommodate stick-on rubber feet for the top platform (this one's for a Minidisc unit) that will also work as location pegs. As soon as I started printing though, I realised I made a schoolboy design error... points to anyone who can point it out. However I said "what the hell" and continued the print since the raft had already been laid down.


Those supports look hard to take off




Well at least the through holes seem to have printed properly without notable deformation


The buttons. Again, guess the schoolboy error


After snipping the supports off. Clearly needs a lot more finishing, and that ridge at the top and bottom of the button holes isn't there in the original design; yet another Makerbot build artifact. Also schoolboy error very much in evidence


But at least the buttons on the Fiio are properly lined up without any fouling. However the text legends went to pot as I guessed the last time. I suppose I need to print on the sides of the holes the next time, so that text and hole supports don't share the same space (though actually, the 'o' of Vol wasn't obscured by a hole support and it came out looking like crud anyway).


Will the buttons fit, even though there's no finishing? Er... not so much. So time to get busy with the sandpaper block and bar, methinks. And hacking the plate off the raft, which is as I said before, a bag of fun... not.



Biggest problem with making Makerbot-created parts interface with IRL parts (and maybe I'm doing something wrong) seems to be:







Yeah. Round originally, oblong when printed (including the buttons). Which means that the rubber feet I have on order probably won't fit. Maybe if I sub it for an originally oblong hole in the other axis it'll print round??

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After the initial wow factor of the Th900s, I'm not too sure if I still want them. They are probably the only full sized I'd go for, save the W3000ANVs, but now I'm not too sure if I want full sized. Should I just trade/sell it for some FitEar universals? Or some other IEMs.

And it turns out, my luck really isn't with full sized. no cups can house my large ears (depth wise). So comfort is always a problem. If I were to really dive deeper into IEMs, I'd have to wipe myself of the full sized >>>in ears mentality.
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Interesting, EveTan. 



Will have to hit you up on the other side, and see if you're in SoCal, and what bait possessions I may have to entice you. If all else fails, cashevil_smiley.gifis king! Along with the usual "No smoking or pets" rolleyes.gif inquiry. How many hours would you guess the 900's have... 24?

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Right now the only headphones that interest me are the HD650, Thunderpants, the odd STAX and the TH-900. Considering so many people love them to death I'm surprised they don't appeal to you. Besides the fit, any idea what exactly about them annoys you enough to dislike them?

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DigitalFreak; EveTan


We should enter into a three-way trade. I have the HD650 but want the TH-900. EveTan has the latter but wants IEMs that DigitalFreak has in abundance. So... let's examine this a bit closer.


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