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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2 - Page 944  

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I wish Mr Violin could see this.........

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The most obvious puns are often the easiest to overlook....

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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

Edit Edit: Of course, this could just be me being a moody female.


Lay off the soy milk lady sheesh!


Originally Posted by wink View Post

What you need is this:-


Man that brings back memories. Does that brand exist anymore?


Originally Posted by jgray91 View Post

>was getting ready for final year project presentation tomorrow
>got word it is postponed to Monday
>don't know what to feel


That would honestly kind of suck, since you lost a weekend and you probably got pretty hyped for it too.


Originally Posted by lee730 View Post

Very interesting. Well do you know anyone who consumes a large amount of soy milk on a regular basis? I know you said you drink a glass a day but that's relatively minor. :3 I'm all for moderation.


Well, I know my vegan friend likes to drink soy milk and introduced me to soy ice cream (which is surprisingly nice as long as you don't keep thinking "why does this not taste like ice cream"). I don't know if she consumes excessive quantities, but she seems fine. 


Honestly if soy milk produced hermaphroditic effects we would know about it. There's no suggestion that Asian populations have more intersex children than other populations as far as I know - it's obviously not DDT, thalidomide or Agent Orange.


After puberty chemical hormones tend not to have a huge effect because patterns of receptors have already been established - think about the multi pronged cocktail of drugs that is necessary for male-to-female and female-to-male transgender candidates. In male-to-female transgender therapy there needs to be a drug to block tesosterone, a drug to block DHT, administration of estrogen and progesterone. The regime of drugs is so severe that they cause kidney toxicity, heart conditions and require constant monitoring from doctors. Even then a lot of these effects are reversible if the drug regime is ended before surgery. 


Except for breast growth, which is effected by progesterone and interestingly the growth of breast tissue (gynecomastia) seems to be irreversible.


Which is the origin of this line from Fight Club - because body builders tend to wreak all kinds of havoc on their endocrine systems by doing the equivalent of trying to soup up a car engine when no one actually clearly understands how the car engine works in the first place.


Btw Lee if you are concerned about gynecomastia do not pop contraceptive pills because they are mostly progesterone. Not even if the cool kids are doing it. :D


And PSA, grapefruit juice also interacts with the endocrine system and has all kinds of interactions with medication so you are meant to tell the doctor if you drink it and are on any other kind of medication!!!


For me I started drinking soy milk when I started on a crazy bender last year to get fitter, healthier and more productive and it has seemingly worked along with all kinds of other things. I did a lot of fun reading all about it's effects and one wiki page / article led to another. :D

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Absolutely no one here has had Chicken Jalapeño Cheddar Lean Pockets?
I had an aged porterhouse the other day that was phenomenal and I'm here talking about frickin Lean Pockets.

Go to the market. All of you. Right now. Forget headphones. Just go.

I am not above thank you contributions for improving your lives.
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Oh and here's something awesome trivia :D


The Sydney Olympic site, including the olympic village, was built on top of land that was formerly a Union Carbide site where they would produce dioxin (Agent Orange) along with other chemicals. I assume they built it in Homebush Bay because it was cheap.


I remember there was a time where every morning I would catch the train to high school and go over a bridge at Rhodes and wonder why there was a giant container on the riverside that said, "Danger, DIOXIN". Literally a shipping container that just sat on a fenced off area next to the river. Then they started reconditioning the land which seemed to involve many many years of digging out the dirt.


Apparently they removed 70% of the dioxin! You know, because it probably didn't end up in the river or the food chain or anything. 


Then they built a shopping centre and apartment blocks over the site, which is now seemingly populated by young couples and international students who don't know any better.


You could not, could not pay me to live in a house in Homebush Bay.


I hate to sound like one of those "CORPORATIONS ARE EVIL!!" kind of people but honestly this kind of stuff gives me the willies. 

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Dinner last night was a hurache with barbacoa (sandal-shaped corn tortilla with Mexican barbeque) and some of my partner's order of cabeza tacos.


And a Big Gulp-sized cup of horchata to wash it down.


Central American food in this town is pretty awesome.

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I'm pretty bummed now to continue preparing, but the scant info on my presentation tomorrow still have me on guard. This is ****ty. mad.gif
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Originally Posted by vwinter View Post

Absolutely no one here has had Chicken Jalapeño Cheddar Lean Pockets?

Go to the market. All of you. Right now. Forget headphones. Just go.


Tell me more? I have my travel agent on the phone and I AM READY TO BOOK TICKETS NOW

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You need a travel agent to go to the market...?

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Originally Posted by analogsurviver View Post

Originally Posted by Silent One View Post

Anyone else here explore their diet (food-drink-sleep-lifestyle) to their ability/inability to critical listening?


Yes. If and when modding or developing any piece of audio equipment, setting up microfones for the recording, setting up turntables - ETC - there is a limit how much time I can rely on the impression(s). After too much exposure to sound, either live or reproduced, things become ever more blurry and unreliable. An empty stomach will find that fact much more relevant than minute and not so minute audio differences - the same goes for the opposite scenario.


Critical listening and intense sport like cycling clash. If I do say 50 or 100 miles on bike at anything more than leisure tempo, my body does not "find" small audible differences as relevant as in "neutral" condition. Furthermore, it is damn possible to get slight "cold in the ears" on bike - therefore I started avoiding bike a day or two at least prior to some important recording. On the other hand - after a good workout en plaine air one usually feels better and more alert etc - resulting in better ability to listen closely. Decisions, decisions...


An interesting observation regarding alcohol. We had recording of a choir scheduled in a church well in advance - end of November. BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY - not something one would expect at that time of the year. We arrived at 10:00 AM as planned - only to find they decided to take advantage of superb weather and repair the church roof, with some 6-7 workers banging like crazy atop of that roof ! It took all the nogotiating skills to 

allow us to start recording at 3:00 PM - by that time repairs and all that banging were supposed to be finished. Somehow, we had to kill those 5 hours.

One of the singers had a birthday on that very day and had prepared some snacks and some adult beverages, meant to be "destroyed" after the completion of the scheduled recording. Well, what better way to kill the time than to take care of premature demise of that food and drink ! 


Sure, we all had a ball recording "fortified" to far above average level, which is to say 00 alco on any other ocassion I can remember. After about half an hour, I began noticing that singing is not ...ahmmm... QUITE as good as it should have been - specially not for something meant to eventually land on issued CD. To cut the long story short - it took about two hours to get back to normal concentration etc required to record properly.


So - yes, everything you mentioned does affect one's ability to listen critically. And stress - if you are under pressure for whatever reason, EVERYTHING will sound bad - on a really good excellent day/feeling, EVERYTHING, even total crap might pass as adequate. 


So, employ Personal Currawong whenever you really need to listen critically - like auditioning new equipment, buying recordings, deciding on the final form of the rocording you will let out in the world - according to your own observation of your own (cap)abilities.


Well stated analogsurviver. Based on my own experiences over the years, I'm in agreement. normal_smile%20.gif

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I'm pretty bummed now to continue preparing, but the scant info on my presentation tomorrow still have me on guard.

That's life - live it.


If life throws you lemons - make lemonade.

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I find my hearing is always better in the morning after a good night's sleep.


It's always good to wait in a quiet environment for a couple hours before listening to music after being in a car or public transport.

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

You need a travel agent to go to the market...?

I am afraid to leave the house at all without my travel agent. I live in a windowless box. This is why I make youtube videos.


Sudden thought, they should make an anime about a Hikkikomori travel agency!!!
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Of course, the other option to laying off alcohol while recording/listening is to ALWAYS have alcohol while recording/listening. That way it will always sound good. Win-Win! tongue.gif
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OMG! This is a looooonnnnnnggggg thread,...
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