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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

Oh, synergy is very much a reality in my experience.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


You have to first accept that upstream components can sounds quite different. On the one hand, certain gear masks trouble spots on a particular transducer, so some folks might find it a good pairing. Personally I don't like this approach much because it can also mask detail. Ideally, I want gear that will allow the character of the transducer to come through without masking anything too much, but also without setting off or spotlighting those problem areas. In other words something with a bright tilt will make a bright headphone even brighter.



Impedance matching and power requirements do play a role in sound signature to an extent, however. For instance the SR-007 will sound a bit flabby and dark unless you put enough power behind it.


Personally, I want upstream components---especially a source---that are as unobtrusive as possible, though even in this sense there's a lot of room for variation. For one thing, there are differing "flavors" of approximations of neutrality (since a true wire-with-gain is elusive illusive). The ZDSE for instance is an extremely transparent sounding amp in line with the rest of Eddie Current gear in my experience, but it has a subtle though distinct midrange sweetness. May not be a big deal for a lot of folks, but it's part of what makes it the best choice in his lineup for the TH900, even over the ECBA in my humble opinion.


Also it's not enough to just measure well on paper in certain areas in my experience. Some very well known gear that is also very well know to measures well in certain areas... well... in certain other areas it doesn't do so well. For instance a lack of effortlessness---something I refer to as the clenched buttcheck or tight arsed effect---that results from amps sounding too constricted. Another example is a certain highly regarded wunderkind amp's unrefined, grainy treble. Not so bad with the HD650, especially the earlier variants, but with the HD800... whoooboy.


I think there's just too much variation on both the gear-end and the user-end to not talk about synergy, as some folks like their Lebens.


As they say, if life gives you Lebens...


Yeah the "worth" thing is a slippery slope for me, one I try to avoid. I personally don't feel comfortable assigning exact monetary value to the way something sounds, and I've always poked fun at the head-fiers' arithmetic, the assumption that a headphone that costs three times as much as another for instance needs to sound three times as good in order to be justifiable.


In only really makes sense on a relative / comparative scale, ie. "here's what else I can get for x amount." IDK, for me the hobby has always been about music listening and the appreciation of gear in and of itself as mutually coexisting. Headphones for me have always been cultural artifacts and artistic statements, so I tend to see value as more multi faceted.




Aww, poo. I'm glad I can freely express my inner Culture Club tendencies. I might order the 3DD in universal form myself at some point out of curiosity. That or the Elpis. Rooth's CIEMs were always some of the best when it came to translating them into universal form, if the demo units are anything to go by.



I preferred the Liquid Gold with the LCD-3, but the Liquid Glass is more flexible 'cuz of the tube rolling factor. I actually think the stock tubes sound quite good with Audez'e headphones, but if you want to experiment 12SN7s are the way to go IMHO as they're fairly inexpensive compared to 6SN7s but sound pretty much similar. 6GU7 are also relatively inexpensive, but I have less experience with them.


Personally, I'd like to do some experimenting with 6F8Gs which were the predecessor to the 6SN7 I believe. The LG can't accept them directly, but you can use an adapter to run them.


Nice. Who makes them? Sansui always made stylish headphones. I also want to track down some old Ashidavox at some point.


Driver transplants FTW. Go planar magnetic!



EDIT: Nice post, a_rec! Made my morning.


EDIT #2: The most straight forward definition of synergy I can think of, as it pertains to this hobby, is how well one perceives two pieces of gear get along with one another.



A wonderfully insightful post.....


I would like to add that, one cannot not synergize components, if one does not have a reference to synergize to wink_face.gif

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Originally Posted by mosshorn View Post

Synergy in our hobby, to me, is the personal quest of making two inherently flawed devices find their mate.

EDIT: Apparently did something strange last night, wake up and there's a big crack in the middle of my phone's screen. Eff.

You sir are the romanticist to my yin and yang realist.

And sorry to hear about your phone.
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Originally Posted by vwinter View Post

You sir are the romanticist to my yin and yang realist.

And sorry to hear about your phone.

Well thankya biggrin.gif



BTW how are you liking the Heaven V Aging? I kind of want one, simply because they look cool.


Did I mention I'm a sucker for things like that? cool.gif

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Preface: days are getting grimmer each passing day, so if I am on a short fuse, I'm sorry.
So many things to read, both important and not lol. I'll be back.
Also this: Yen is at its weakest at 102 yen = 1 USD. Buy all your Japanese stuff now. You know what that means, a_rec. More reviews of AT and JVC stuff from amazon.co.jp biggrin.gif
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Um... what the?!  blink.gif


Um... what the?! (Click to show)



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Tis a custom iPod Dock:

Jason Rhys-Just incase you are wandering... It is a Loutoff mannequin that was strengthened and lined with damping material. It has a carbon fiber mid/bass driver, silk dome tweeter and a kevlar sub all powered with two internal class T amps. On the back is a panel where you can plug in ipods and other sources. I have made a few of these for people in different poses but this one was the prototype and is now in the office here at custom cans UK


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Cool tweeters bro.

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I was wondering where the Ipod was inserted...

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Originally Posted by 333jeffery View Post

I was wondering where the Ipod was inserted...


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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post

Um... what the?!  blink.gif
Um... what the?! (Click to show)

I agree - very odd. What are the headphones for? Seems extraneous. tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by a_recording View Post

Random sharing time!


I've been listening to this one St.Vincent track over and over again. St. Vincent was one of those artists who I knew I should probably have a listen to, but never got around to it until I went to the David Byrne + St. Vincent concert in Sydney. In the concert they performed music from their collaboration, "Love This Giant", as well as tracks from Byrne and Annie Clark's (St. Vincent's) own solo work.


I was super happy to see David Byrne, because he is something of an inspiration to me. Firstly, he was the first 'serious' artist I ever listened to, outside of my dabbling with classical music and novelty songs like Weird Al in highschool. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I was introduced to him because of the sample track provided in Windows Media Player, 'Like Human's Do'. I've been struck ever since by his lyrics that regurgitate lines pulled from advertising lifestyle copy writing and yet seem to convey a yearning for a sense of connection.


I've also always been endlessly fascinated by this silly and endearing little interview he conducted with himself during his Talking Heads day:



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



I also now, upon rewatching this, realise how much this now reminds me of Tim & Eric. One of my favourite lines that has stuck with me from this skit is, "The better the singer's voice, the harder it is to believe what he is singing. I use my faults to an advantage."


Anyway back to St Vincent. Seeing both of them up on stage, it was interesting for me to listen to Clark's music and try to work out what it is that Byrne saw in her music that made him think of doing a collaboration. Whereas Byrne's music (or at least his early work) is jerky, disconnected and somewhat detached, Clark's work seemed melodious, personal and somewhat emotive. But there was enough of a resemblance - a kind of odd disconnect between sound and meaning where the sentiments and music were sort of assembled by a kind of ransom note pastiche - that I was intrigued enough to finally go out and get St Vincent's Strange Mercy.


I must say, I really love the album. It's all kinds of distressing and hard to place pop music conventions in a blender with... something else. I've been listening to the title track over and over again:



I won't even begin trying to analyse these lyrics. I haven't really even thought about them at this point.


It's just that the following lines in the track, and the way she sings them, and the way it all kind of just stutters because the song's narrator is just lost for words - it just absolutely grabs me.


If I ever meet that dirty policeman who roughed you up
No I don't know what
If I ever meet that dirty policeman who roughed you up


Now this could well be like the case where I absolutely loved Grimes' Oblivion for the sense of oppressive darkness and menace and found out later that the track's lyrics do in fact reference a time Claire Boucher was assaulted. This didn't make me like the song any less or more, but it did remove the sense of male gaze / playful oppression of the music video and replace it with an actual sense of violation.


At this point I don't know if I want to do any more research into Strange Mercy to work out if there is any more meaning behind the lyrics, or just enjoy it in ignorance.


Diary threaders, do you peeps have tracks where your feelings about the song changed upon learning a little context?




Great! Just 16 hours ealier, a_rec, my spotlight was on David Byrne: "Stop Making Sense" & his Luaka Bop effort "Afropea: Telling Stories to the Sea." wink.gif



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Afropea 3 - Telling Stories To The Sea


Now playing... Jacinta Sanches - "Vizinha Ka Bale" (My neighbor is no good)

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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

Hopefully by that point I can finalize the Canal Works arrangements. I'd like to do a sort of "Introduction to Canal Works" since there's so little info on the various models and how they sound.


That's cool. Someone in Hong Kong just tried their 4-driver version and really liked that one




They did not really seem to adjust the prices in Hong Kong even though the Forex rates dipped quite a bit recently





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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

Synergy for me is when you take an IEM you've heard a 100 times and pair it with an amp and all of a sudden you just go....WOW!!!

You got it DigitalFreak :). When it takes that IEM and makes it even better sounding to you. It shocks you to think it could get that much better. This is nothing new to me and just because it may happen on a certain pair of gear it does not mean it will do the same with your other gear. Synergy has had enough of an impact for me to like or dislike gear. Personally I'd prefer to have said gear pair well on most sources so it is more versatile but that is not always the case.

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Originally Posted by jgray91 View Post



Whoops, yeah sorry I forgot to post the review here. All the same, here's the main thread:



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