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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2 - Page 718  

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So I backtracked and found EVEN MORE reviews and impressions on the D2/D1 and the Invicta to read. Guess that's what I'm stuck doing on my day off. A pity. Should be getting back to play 0ad.


Anyone have any firsthand experience here with the Anedio or the Invicta?

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Originally Posted by Idsynchrono_24 View Post

Just realized that the SM64 shipped with a buncha foam tips. I had totally forgotten since I shoved the contents back into the blister pack/tray once I'd liberated the phones from the box. Although it now takes what feels like eons to roll the tips thru my fingers, insert them, and wait for them to slooooowwlllyyy decompress, this has been a veritable game changer for me. I'm able to achieve a good seal/fit where it doesn't feel like the phones are half sealed/half digging into my ear, resulting in endless bouts of exasperated wiggling and jamming.

I've had about maybe +/- 1 hour since I received them, but its only in the last few minutes that I've gotten a sense of what they're capable of now that I'm certain that I've achieved a full seal. The mids are real nice, that much is certain, and the bass feels almost dynamic like, it's so nice, solid and round, yet tight and well controlled. I think the foamies are likely tempering the highs as well as constraining the size of the stage, so this is probably gonna take some more tip rolling. I'm gonna have to find some way to get in some real listening time in the coming weeks as I'm strapped for time between a full time job and taking classes every other day. I don't know how some of you guys and gals going for doctorates find the time to chip in with such extensive impressions/reviews. Truly, I tip my hat in your general direction.



Whats that noise.......



Oh never mind that's just my heart coming to a screeching stop because I see the SM64 no longer coming my way. Ahhh well, hope you continue to enjoy them idsynchrono_24. On the plus side I enjoyed some of the postings over the last few pages. It's good to see all you guys in such happy spirits. Speaking of happy, WELCOME BACK TILPO I MISSED YOU!!!!!!

In other news, I decided to purchase a couple more funky weird collectables today. When I got home I took a couple of quick money shots and set them down under the watchful eye of Evil Eddie with the slew of other weirdos I've scrounged up


On the way home I ran across something rather neat. In my city there's a small strip I cut through everyday named Osbourne Village. It's a rather funky place with a lot of fancy restaurants a couple of fancy bars and one hell of a crazy metal bar. You also see a lot of colorful people there and that's probably why I like the area so much, I'm a people watcher by nature. The year may be 2013 but my city still has a healthy population of what I like to term modern day flower children. Everyone check out the flower power busker crew who decided to set up shop on the Osbourne Village strip. I couldn't help but stop and snap a quick picture. Greasy cheap pizza, music, singing, a go go dancing tambourine girl and a 24 of Labatts Blue hidden away behind them so as not to attract the attention of the boys in blue. PRICELESS


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Don't lose heart Digi, as they say, it ain't over til the fat lady croweth. I haven't had enough time with the SM64 to ascertain whether they are divergent enough in flavor from the F-4 to warrant keeping two similarly performing phones after all smily_headphones1.gif
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If that's the case the the verdict is the one you keep is the better performer? :)...

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Well the SM64 is kind of unwieldy to my ears due to its ergonomic shell. My left ear has a weird outward bend that keeps phones from properly settling into my concha (?), it actually hurts over the course of time and makes it so that the majority of phones don't seal well at all. I find barrel style phones work well for me (FX-500, SUI etc), so the F-4 has a leg up just in terms of utility since I find fiddling with the SM64 to be really annoying. Firstworldproblems etc

With that said, both phones sound great and I'd probably be happy with either one just from a cursory listen. I don't feel like either phones has an edge on the other anyway, they just offer slightly different sigs and seem to diverge most in terms of imaging with the SM64 sometimes imbuing this sort of surround sound "live" like quality to tracks
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Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post


LOL @ Norah Jones and Diana Krall. They're like the audio equivalent of a big fluffy bed comforter. They'll never not sound decent on just about anything. Next thing you know, you've fallen asleep.


Never not sounding decent on anything doesn't make a recording a bad benchmark. The devil's in the detail, if you just listen closely enough. E.g. Diana Krall's "Quiet NIghts" is extremely well recorded, so you can tell apart good from bad cymbal rendering virtually within seconds. I rarely listen to this stuff just casually though, unless, err... I want to fall asleep ;-)


Originally Posted by Tangster View Post

There was a talk from Axel Grell about the design process of the IE800 and he did rather skip the bass thing, saying the bump in subbass was to accommodate for portable use and thus interference from car/train/etc ground vibrations...not that it helps in a quiet listening environment, but I guess Sennheiser are still going off the IE800 being primarily for portable use?


Makes sense to me. People don't realize that it's impossible to design stuff that sounds equally transparent at home and in a car or train. Even the highly isolating ER4 attenuate ambient noise much better in mid/highs than bass, so transparency will still get skewed.


Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post


Wow.  While I do listen to some of that stuff from time to time, rather sparingly I must say, I generally find myself listening to something fairly different.  Right now I'm completely infatuated with



Excellent. Their first album is among my benchmark disks, as it seems very hard to reproduce this stuff decently for a lot of IEMs. You gotta see their vids too, hips don't lie, lol. wink.gif

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Originally Posted by ardgedee View Post


Among my best headphones, the one weakest in quality in the bass is the closed-back CD3000. Even the ATH-7 electret -- generally reputed to be poor in bass -- is better.


Using the SA5000 as representative of what kind of bass open-backed headphones are capable of is anecdotally stacking the argument. D7000, like I recently mentioned, has a lot of strengths but bass is not among them. I think the problems with Beats tend to be 'way overstated here (it's the villain everybody loves to hate) but its bass is pretty muddy and bloated. Anything that got mixed to sound even on those is going to sound thin on well-balanced gear.


Several of Grado's headphones have excellent bass by any measure. So do the HE-6, HE-500, LCD-2, and some models of the HD800...



I've heard a couple different HD800s now, and I wonder if there had been mid-production changes in the model line. An early set I tried did not have strong bass at all (very articulate, but also very rolled off in the lowest octaves -- it was not subtle). Others I've tried since did not exhibit that roll off and seemed to retain most of the articulation.

Yes, I tried a few of the Grado's but my favorite is the HP1000. All the open headphones you mentioned will not have the sub-bass presence of the Fostex closed-backs. If you don't believe me, try playing a frequency tone of 30 - 50 Hz through your headphones and you will notice the most quantity will be output by something like the TH900. 

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Idsynch, Cowboy Bebop came out on blu-ray in Japan last year, but the US version hasn't happened yet. Probably will come out here later this year.

BTW, you should try the Hellsing ost's, they're a cool take on Brit rock/pop.



DF, you should collect some figurines from the anime Witchblade. I think you would like them.

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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

Speaking of happy, WELCOME BACK TILPO I MISSED YOU!!!!!!

I missed you too. Although it did not quite feel like you were away with you spamming my Facebook newsfeed with your army of collectibles and head-fi gear.

How you doing?
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I'm thinking of buying the following books. They'll be pretty much my introduction to the field of philosophy, as well as a significant addition to my collection. Currently my collection mainly consists of Japanese, mathematics and physics text books.

Big thanks to Mutabator for showing me where to look.

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Ludwig Wittgenstein

The World as Will and Representation vol. 1
Arthur Schopenhauer

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Thomas S. Kuhn

Beyond Good and Evil
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics
Ludwig Wittgenstein
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In The Beginning Was Information

Dr. Werner Gitt.

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

In The Beginning Was Information
Dr. Werner Gitt.

I'm not completely sure I want to read a creationist book, but it at least seems an interesting read.
I do wonder how formal the writing is though. Is this book meant for the layman, or would it be suitable for a physcis major who easily gets annoyed by informal reasoning?
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Also, I feel I really need to read the bible sometime. It is probably the single most influential book to Western culture after all.
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"From reading the blurb, it touches on his 5 "undisprovable" laws, or something. So as I completely "dismiss semantics and intent" for a second like the reviews would have me, I'm finding it fallible that this would assume something to be universal in any way other than within our limited understanding and context."


And yes I've basically twisted the words in the first review into some semblance of a coherent argument, even though I literally just half-arsed it like a lot of the other reviewers very likely did while reading the text. In order to skew whatever original meaning to fit their pushy agenda. 


Sort of sickening that I've taken more interest in bashing the reviewers than actually putting in some interest in reading this book though.

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The reasoning is very logical.

It was written to show Shannon Information Theory does not go far enough in explaining what information really is.

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