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Originally Posted by AlphaRedFox View Post

Hella nice headphones. I have them ordered since 9/29, with 2 day shipping, so I'll be getting them real soon. Can't get them yet because they're not released in the U.S. I spoke to one of AKG's staff, and they told me their shipment of K618dj's will come in within the next week or so, so don't worry guys, they're coming! I'm gonna be doing a full video review and releasing it on my Youtube (Gold171) So watch out for that.

Sub your channel smily_headphones1.gif

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I've sub to your channel.

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nice xD

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So which of you on this thread goes to UCSC? I was just getting out of the dining hall tonight when I saw an asian guy with a backpack and what I believe to be the K618's. If thats you, get in touch! I have a pair of k550's I would like to compare them to...biggrin.gif

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I emailed them asking about shipment and they said they will get more on 10/30/2012...so yeah.  So much for that birthday present on time for my sis. ;/

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Originally Posted by PFULMTL View Post

I emailed them asking about shipment and they said they will get more on 10/30/2012...so yeah.  So much for that birthday present on time for my sis. ;/

Wow, good thing I canceled my order. I would have been pissed, especially when their website says it's in stock.


I decided to skip the K618 and wait for the Tiesto. I'll pick it up when the price drop to about $60 next year. 

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But why do you think Tiesto will be better?
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False alarm. Now I have a tracking number and it should come in the mail this week or early next week. Well either way, you know it will be hard to get until next month
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Got mine in.  I'm a harsh reviewer.  Be prepared.


Five minute inspection:

-Those are some small headphones...Thought they were bigger.  The earcups feel smaller than the Sony MDR-V55.

-ah cheap plastic headphones, we meet again.  Oh but the earcups are metal at least.

-the cable is too thin so it hovers instead of laying flat on the surface and out of the way.  This leads to snagging, which has happened already.  Can be fixed by just making the cable thicker with sleeving.

-Heard a CRACK while adjusting the headband. Did I already break them?  Upon inspection, the headband is made of three pieces and is hard plastic.  There is no cushion on the outside of the headband.

-Sharp edges everywhere.  I felt this thing poking the sides of my head above my ears.  I took it off instantly to see what it was.  It was the hinge.  The hinge was touching the sides of my head!

-I always grab the adjustment band area to take off headphones and there's really sharp angles right there!

-Adjustment notches are too loose.  If you take off the headphones, they slide in and you have to readjust them.


Without even putting music on, I hate them.



Only used the K618DJ a few hours, so maybe they haven't burned in yet, but here goes.  I've had the PRO700MK2 for about a year now and have used them very often.  Over time, I started to not like them because I could point out the flaws as I gained headphone experience.  I honestly hate the sound quality from them now, but the build quality is still amazing.

First before I listen to headphones, I put music on and put them over my thigh to test for isolation, because that is about the thickness of my head.  These pass my sound leakage test at the usual volume level, which is about 80-85% of the Sansa Clip Zip.



-Bass: They both are bassy headphones, but the K618DJ has more bass quantity, but maybe a little boomy, but not muddy.  The PRO700MK2 is more bright, so there appears to be less bass to me, or maybe it's just tighter bass.  The bass on the PRO700MK2 seems to have more detail though.  There is a lot of bass on the K618DJ, but it does not vibrate the housing like the PRO700MK2, probably because of the kind of thick plastic that they used.  To me, neither of these headphones punch like the TMA-1 or TMA-1 Studio, so don't expect subwoofers on a headband, like people say.  Both are good enough for bassheads, but since the K618DJ has more bass quantity, maybe it wins.


-Vocals:  I never liked the vocals on the PRO700MK2.  I can't explain it, it's just not clear and it starts to annoy me over time.  On the K618DJ, the vocals are really clear compared to the PRO700MK2.  Very much enjoyable.  K618DJ wins easily.


-Live drums - again, the PRO700Mk2 has more drum detail, but the K618DJ still does sound good.  On some rock songs, because of the bass, the kick drum feels like it's really close to your head with the K618DJ.


-Electric Guitars -  Yet again the PRO700MK2 does it better because it is more detailed.  The guitars on the K618DJ are less forward, but still very good since you can distinguish separate guitars.


-Detail - they both can pick up the subtle details well.  You can tell layered vocals, effects, and guitars with both.  Not like Shure SRH940 detail, but more revealing than lower end headphones, especially for bassy headphones....hmm I'm not sure which wins, but I'm really enjoying the K618DJ.  These are two bassy headphones that have good detail.


-Treble - as I said earlier, I think the PRO700MK2 has too much of it and it starts to annoy me.  The K618DJ wins in not being an ******* with the treble.


In short I think the K618DJ sounds better than the PRO700MK2.  Yeah, I said it.  The headband needs to be at least a centimeter wider so that the hinges aren't touching my head for it to be an amazing headphone for $99.  Possibly I just really hate the vocals on the PRO700MK2 enough for me to like anything else, even if it is less detailed.

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definitely gonna replace my 518 DJ. 

Originally Posted by Speakerphile View Post



While the slide itself is plastic, it does have metal inserts.  They are the same "style" as the K550, just not all metal.  



Maybe it's just me, but I love the look of the "R" & "L" they have been using.  I think they could go a little more "in your face" with it though!



this one is the black colored version, right? loving it. If only the blue one is a bit darker, it's too flashy judging from the picture

the "R/L" speaks "oh, looking for me? yes I'm the right side, and he's the left" 

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I'm kinda tempted to buy another pair for myself and do a driver transplant into another headband, but I might actually get the larger circumural 50
mm Tiesto. The hinge design looks the same, but I'll wait to see what other people say about the comfort
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That's the first time I see any1 saying pro700mk2 having a lot treble, the 618 DJs have to be superdark  sounding as PRO700MK2 according to experienced listeners already say PRO700MK2 is on the quite far dark side of neutral.

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