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Tried the Signature Pros with JDSLabs c421 and Leckerton UHA-6SMKII, both of them did a great job driving them but I give the Leckerton the 1up (bass seemed tighter and stage wider.) The Leckerton is my main portable amp now.


At home, the Signature Pros sound excellent with my Lehman BCL... some people have paired them with Tube amps though. Check into other Signature Pro threads for more info.




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Thanks for the reply man, I just have one more question. I was using an iphone to play music, but it was terrible. Right now I'm playing it out of a galaxy nexus with some added software, it is a big improvement, but im not sure if it is a long term solution.
In your opinion, would it be better for me to get a better portable media player as opposed an amp / if I did get one, would the amp still have a great influence on the sound?
The pro's were very quiet coming from the iphone, would that be the same situation as if I got a cowon j3 / z2?

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Actually the function of the amp is just to, well, amplify, not CHANGE the sound signature. With that in mind, there are some amps that DO have certain characteristic (be it more upper end, a bit of bass roll-off, etc. etc.) It depends on what you like. I have always "detected" more differences by changing headphones than with different players/amps but I don't EQ either so... basically it depends again on what you like. If you have made up your mind that you DON'T like the sound of your current player, then a change might be good. If you like EQ-ing, then definitely get a player capable of letting you do so. I haven't had any experience with Cowon players in quite a while either so I'm not sure of their performance, though a lot of people seem to like them.


Good luck.!

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I know this thread is old; but, what did you get?

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Why not try sony's amps? May not be the most portable but the most powerful of them all. (I'm referring to the PHA-3 btw)

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The PHA-2 isn't that bad either actually/

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