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MTPC in ear help

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Hi, I'm having difficulties with my MTPC.  Whenever i try to put them in my ears it feels very uncomfortable and when i play music (off my j3) the volume sounds so low but when i pull them out of my ears it sounds so loud.  When they are in my ear they feel like earplugs and it's kind of uncomfortable.  I have ie8s as well which are comfortable and i can listen at a volume of 20 but when i use my mtpc i have to turn it up to 27-28 to hear at the equivalent level of my ie8s.  After i'm done listening with the mtpc and i take them out my ears actually hurt a bit as well.  Am i using the wrong size earpieces? or maybe im not putting the earphones in properly?  I'm not sure if anyone can help that would be great thanks.

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Sounds like a fitment issue.

Try various size tips to begin with. Then move onto different positions.

I hope it works out.

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