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For Sale:
Antique Sound Lab MkIII ,premium tubes

Will Ship To: USA

I upgraded as far as i could take it without changing internal components.

Some fading on lettering .

The MKIII is a selectable OTL or  transformer output amplifier that pairs nicely with high impedance phones and most low impedance through the transformer.

Installed is a NOS 1958 5751 Triple mica ,black plates,D getter sylvania/branded united electron ,bought new in box used for about 150 hours,amazing ,low distortion clear and powerfull,just in another league compared to all others 5751 i tried(with the exception of the telefunken nos)

Power tubes are a tested and matched  pair of  early 50's Phillips/Miniwatts,black plates,D getter. bought from Brent Jessie at Audiotubes,fantastic tubes .Over 250 just on the tubes alone.

Power cord is an Audioquest NRG-2 6 Feet.

Also included is the manual with schematics for future upgrades .


Thanks for looking.