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hi guys! i have seen alot of threads about noise from USB dac's, but nothing is quite like what i'm experience. i have a Nuforce Icon HD dac (has a built in amp too). there is no noise at all just using the nuforce built in amp. however, i purchased a separate tube amp, the Icon Audio HP8 MKII, and hooked it up to the nuforce. then strange things happen. i hear white noise! and it seems it is from activity of the computer! even moving my mouse will create another noise, sort of like alien beep beep beep in an elongated sound as i glide my mouse. 


so to sum up


1) using the nuforce built in amp = no noise at all.


2) connecting the nuforce to the icon audio amp = white noise and beeping noise from mouse.


3) disconnecting the usb = no noise at all.


what do you guys think? i thought there could be no noise from a digital signal, and there's nothing wrong with my amp i think, since disconnecting from pc = no noise.

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