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electrostats or a reference model

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Hi guys, I've been lurking here for a while and was looking to get your advice on my next set of headphones,

Currently listen to a W5000(most stuff) or DT250 80Ohm(rap & rnb) and was looking for a new set of headphones to either complement or replace what I have, Currently using a NFB10-SE with DIR9001 upgrade and connected via coax as source amp.


Looking to spend under $1500 on my next upgrade, what would be the best upgrade for me out of the following?

LCD2 balanced

HE6 balanced

Stax setup (probably a 407)



I have never heard any, and will probably buy them blindly (like all my other purchases)

have previously owned, HD650(poorly amped and sourced back then), MS1(with OCC cable upgrade), TF10+Mids custom iem.


Oh and I listen to a wide array of music genres, mainly listening in MOG, but every now and again I find something I like enough to look for the lossless version of and enjoy even more.

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Hmm....Look at Koss ESP-950 too, I hear those are great electrostatics, after all its $999 and it comes with a very capable amplifier. I plan to upgrade to LCD-2, so I can't really speak for anything other than the Beyerdynamic T1, HE-400, and HD650. 



Hope I helped,




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