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wrong thread..

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Originally Posted by TigzStudio View Post

Looking back in our email account, the response was actually sent 1 day (09/20) after your email on 09/19, might want to check back in your email account because it should show in reply to one of your emails sent. As far as I am aware we never received any reply from you after that message (looking through our spam filter as well). 


Regardless enjoy your new cables! 






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Originally Posted by vampire5003 View Post

I assume your talking to me? I went with Q Audio "French Silk" inch Brown (black is backordered). I think the length is either 2.5 meters/8 feet or 3 meters/10 feet.

Dang....the black is backordered....


The brown looks soo much sexier anyways. Enjoy!

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anyone here had try the lcd 2 with the schiit mjonir or the pan am,and for the more experience head fiers which is better to amp the lcd 2 the lyr or the pan am without tube rolling?

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I've heard really good things about the Woo Audio WA6-SE combined with the LCD2. That will be my next amp.
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Anyone tried the WA7 with Audeze? that little box have interesting specs. 

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Nope. But Woo Audio does make some good amps for us indeed :-)

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I know...OLD thread...but I couldn't help making a response, as I am sitting here listening to my LCD2s on a Woo WA6.

Got an Amperex Bugle Boy GZ34,(brown base), and a set of Sylvania 6EW7s in it.

SWEET and clear, nice sink-into-it mids and bass, but not at all muddy.


I totally recommend the Woo, also really really fond of the BiFrost/Lyr combo for your DAC/Amp on the Audeezers.

If you want the mellow-sweet, sit into the Woo, for a bit more crisp and bright,9yet with plenty of stage,IMO), do the Schiit.

I also will run the Woo off the Schiit Modi, when I'm doodling around on my computer, it's a perfectly capable little DAC, and the Woo sweetens the sound for the Audeze, plenty of amp for these cans.


And yes, I do a little tube rolling, I like the different sound sigs for different musics.


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