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Headphone stand for D5000

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I am looking for a perfect stand for my Denon D5000's that are currently being shipped to me. Does anyone have any particular stand that they think would compliment these mohagany headphones.


I have looked on Amazon and found a few nice ones, however nothing that "struck" me. Any links and/or pictures of different rigs would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I liked my FiiO HS-1.

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Thanks for the reply, does it hold them firmly? I am just wanting to place them on my piano, and would hate for them to get bumped off easily and scratch the finish on the piano...and headphones for that matter.

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If you put them on the way like on the picture, it does stay on pretty firmly (partially because the Denons hold on to it). I do imagine them falling off if you put them on the narrow side and are not careful though.

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