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For Sale: Panasonic HJE 900 Bud

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For Sale:
Panasonic HJE 900 Bud

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought my panny hje 900 back in 2010 from J&R when they were pretty cheap, I can't exactly remember but I paid more or less like 80 buck plus shipping and taxes (to Mexico) , I love them, but unfortunatly one of the buds died the last month so I end up opening it to see if I could fix it, but no luck, so I don't see the point of keeping the other working bud along, the working buds it in great shaped (with no scratches at all, zirconia FTW) and sounding great as ever, only missing the nozzle filter (I actually have both of them if you want them). I have the original cable but one side doesn't work and the box with the papers and sealed tips and the (p)leather bag, the other bud is open and broken

$40 for the working bud and $65 for the whole package (working and not working buds and box with cable, tips and bag).
I will ship mostly everywhere, the shipping cost is on the buyer's part and cheapest way to send them it's thru SEPOMEX (Mexico's Mail) with registered airmail, I sent once a pair of sunrise iem to the UK for less than 7 bucks, so you could give yourself an idea.
PM back if you are interested and let me know to where and how would you like to be send the items so I can ask for a postage fee in the mail office or ups or fedex.
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