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Castle Knight 1 Speakers

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Anyone have anything to say about these speakers ? I can't seem to find a review on head-fi or any mention of them on this website .


I picked up a pair of CK1 bookshelf speakers today after auditioning them at "Planet of Sound" in Toronto. They sounded great to me so I grabbed them.


When I got home , I thought I had an amplifier up to the task to hook the speakers up to, but it seems like my 1970's Technics amplifier finally crapped out on me.


So now, I'm looking for a proper amp to drive these speakers.


I'm looking for something that can specifically hook up to my computer and ipod and that's under $1000 bux.


(A local pickup / find instead of an internet purchase would be nice, so I can save a few bux on shipping)


Suggestions are of course welcomed.

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How loud do you plan on playing the speakers?


If you're using them in a near-field setup and don't need lots of power, then how about something like a Peachtree iDecco.  They are discontinued now so you can find some for close-out prices or if you look on the FS forums, there is one for sale at a very nice price currently.


The reason I suggest this is it fits your criteria in a small package.  USB DAC/pre/integrated/headphone amp all in one with the iPod dock on top.  It's only 30w @ 8ohms so if you want to play the speakers loud, then I might suggest something else.

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