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Buzzing Swan mkii's

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I was so excited about my Mkii's. I just got them today. They've been amazing until the buzzing started, it was really low at first and barely noticeable, but still unacceptable. I emailed Audio Insider immediately, no reply yet, but the buzzing has gotten a bit louder. I can't really hear if I'm at least 2 feet away from the speakers. I listen to a lot of quiet music (classical, folk) so the buzzing is really noticeable. 


As of right now the speakers are hooked up directly to my iMac, I made sure to put away my cell phone, and I even moved the speakers away from the computer and electronics. The buzzing persists even when the speaker volume is all the way down and it is not plugged into a source. So they're buzzing without any input, very weird. 


I just wanted to know if anyone had this problem. If you ordered from Audio Insider was the problem ever resolved? I ran into a thread on another forum where a guy had a pretty rough time fixing a similar issue with them. 


Thanks guys. 

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It is caused by your iMacs connection. Get a DAC.

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Try plugging the speakers into their own grounded outlet or power strip away from everything else, if possible.


Doing this fixed a similar issue for me.

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Ok, thanks I'll try both of your suggestions. I have a Fiio E17 on the way, so hopefully its DAC is good enough to fix the issue. Thanks guys. 

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