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If I had infinite money. I'd walk around in expensive suits wearing ED8s. Not Beats.

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Originally Posted by PallidaMors View Post

I'm not sure most people might think some dude in a limo with a chick carrying a "lightbulb" box to be stylish. I think it all comes down to a target demographic. Audiophiles obviously are not part of said group because we value different characteristics in our headphones. We think sound quality comes first, then goes looks. We are a niche. I'm not saying that people who use beats are correct, my point is that every person have a different opinion on what is good for them.


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This is my usual look when I go out cruising for girls











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Well I think machoboy wins the award for coolest guy in the world.

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^^ agreed


Beats is not not stylish its ****. Stylish is ED8, TH900. That is a classic look, and it looks expensive, and its quality. That is like expensive clothing brands.


Beats bashing does not get old when you have know-nothing no-nothing people trying to plug it.

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