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DAP Space

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I find that a lot of people on this site have a wide variety in their music taste & as such would have a relatively large library. When you consider everything is likely to be .WAV or FLAC then I have to ask how is it there is only two players with serious space available. the x7 and ipod classic? My music collection is 80gb and that is only 1/4 lossless (reripping as we speak) so I feel tied to two players, one of which doesn't have the greatest following and the other of which I think sounds really thin. What do others think on the issue?

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Well, it all depends on how much we wanna spend and what we are willing to carry.


Less than $100 for an enclosure:




Less than $100 for 1TB hard drive:




Then see the discussion here for streaming music from that 1TB hard drive to your iOS / Android device:





We could also put those 1TB hard drives in Archos tablets:





We also have some Android devices with USB OTG such as iBasso DX100 / HDP-R10 that should sound great. That could go up to 2TB with a drive like this:





Super bulky for sure and I wonder what battery life would be like once we connect that to DAP.



For super duper expensive 2.5" SSD options, we could go up to 960GB here:




1TB for a nice price:





If 2.5" were too much to carry, I posted something about mSATA SSD options up to 256GB for now:




I also mentioned 256GB/512GB/768GB options from Retina MBP with an adapter:









Finally we have even smaller ones such as 256GB CF cards and 128GB SDXC cards:







Simply put, that streaming option on the top seemed to be the most affordable yet practical for a portable solution.


Besides, a modified iPod could still sound great with the right cables and amps to match. If we were able to convert that 768GB SSD from Retina MBP to ZIF interface and make it fully working inside an iPod, IMHO that would be the killer player with massive storage.

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I've got over 200GB of music and it's only MP3 format!


My solution has been to combine my love for music with my interest in electronic gadgets. I've got over 14 DAP's, most older HDD DAP's bought second hand, and I put music on them according to genre. I've also got a Rio Karma on the way, so that makes it 15 in total.


A great thing about older DAP's is that they are easily modded. I can assure you that older DAP's do not sound worse than newer ones. Some of them sound as good as or even better than the best current mainstream DAP's. You could look into the iRiver H1x0 DAP's (H120 with 20GB HDD and H140 with 40GB HDD). They are still popular because of the digital output and can be a bit expensive. There's also the iRiver H3x0 and Cowon X5.

I have seen examples of old iRiver H1x0 modded with a 80GB, and I even saw someone replacing the original HDD with a 128GB SSD.


The you install Rockbox and get a great DAP. IMO the old iRiver and Cowon HDD DAP's easily outclass iPod.


I like my solution since I get to use old Sony,, Samsung, iRiver, Rio, Kenwood, Victor and Creative DAP's. They're all pretty good in their own way.

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Wow thankyou for the extensive replies, i was wondering whether much of that was possible and i guess now i know. Looks like i could have a lot of fun pairing some things up biggrin.gif
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my HM-601 is 8g + 32g sd

my Studio-V is 4g + 32g sd

my Nokia N8 has 24gig built in plus 32g sd


this is more than enough for me


I have 3000 LPs and 1500 CDs, but why would I want or need to carry the whole lot around with me?


40g is about 100 LPs at 16bit FLAC , my journey is never more than 2hrs, why would I or anyone else need

more than 100LPs to choose from?


Actually I like the limitation, I makes me listen to music I haven't heard before, and this for me is what this is all about.


I don't care about size or length, it's the quality (as the actress said to the bishop) that matters.

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A long time ago I gave up on trying to carry my entire music collection with me.  I have nearly 1TB of music, roughly 1/3 is lossless, the rest lossy rips (mostly 320kbps LAME).  I've found that having around 60GB in a player (have a 60gb iPod and a HTC smartphone with a 64GB memory card in addition to 16GB of on-board memory) is enough for me to have quite a variety of music to choose from, and when I start getting bored with some of it, I'll rotate in some different music from my collection.  Having too much to choose from means that I spend too much time deciding what I want to listen to, and less time actually listening.

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also quite enjoy the sunday evening ritual of swapping/updating the sd cards!

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Does anyone know if the Sony Z has a USB OTG?
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I don't think so

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So am I understanding that right that you can plug a standard portable hard drive (that draws it's power over the USB connection) into the iBasso DX100's micro USB port and control the file storage system i.e. play music off it, using the iBasso interface?


Are there any other DAPs that have this?

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Originally Posted by db579 View Post

So am I understanding that right that you can plug a standard portable hard drive (that draws it's power over the USB connection) into the iBasso DX100's micro USB port and control the file storage system i.e. play music off it, using the iBasso interface?

Are there any other DAPs that have this?

I know the Nokia N8 does as well as some Samsung phones, i dont think there are many dedicated DAP's beyond the iBasso

Thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/517432/nokia-n8-and-feeding-a-portable-dac-with-usb-on-the-go/180#post_9118858
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