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Fountain Pen-Fi?

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I've been interested in fountain pens ever since I played with (and sadly, eventually broke) my grandpa's Sheaffer Imperial II when I was around 7 or 8 years old. 


Lately, I've been eyeing Sheaffer and Waterman (possibly even Parker and Rotring) for an affordable yet easy-to-write-with fountain pen. I'm newer to this than I am to hi-fi, so it's safe to say that my knowledge of what makes a good fountain pen "good" is mostly nonexistent. I'm probably going to be using it mostly for writing poetry/fiction, or just practicing my calligraphy.


I'll maybe have a budget of around 150 US dollars (not very much, I know), so would anyone care to recommend pens with good price-to-performance ratio? Thanks!



I just noticed that hunting for fountain pens is a lot like looking for a new component for my headphone rig. Weird, huh?



I'm aware that there's also an online forum for fountain pens (Fountain Pen Network, I think it was called?), but I'm more comfortable here on Head-Fi, and I'm curious as to whether anyone else here is into vintage pens :))


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You should post this question in the pen-fi thread :D

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Originally Posted by xxhaxx View Post

You should post this question in the pen-fi thread :D


Weird. I must've missed that thread while searching for one on Fountain Pens >.<;;



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Sorry, wrong thread...

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