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Hey guys,


So I currently have a FiiO E7/E9 combo in use with my desktop and a set of Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro's 600 ohm version. Unfortunately, I just knocked the combo off my desk and broke the dock connector and in trying to fix it I think I've also blown the DAC on the E7. It still turns on now but isn't recognised by my desktop or laptop and the cable I have to connect it to my iphone doesn't work either, whereas it did immediately prior to trying to reconnect it to the broken dock.


The FiiO E9 is still working fine via line in, so I figure I need a replacement DAC. I could get another E7 and use an L7 cable to bypass the need for the dock connector but I wonder if an alternative would be better and I'm looking for suggestions. So far my googling has not helped me settle on so much as a shortlist.


Here is the relevant info for my needs:


- I need desktop usage only (so I don't care about the fact the E7 is portable, for example)

- I like my E9 and would like to carry on using that as an amp by utilising it's line-in

- I primarily care about having a decent DAC without spending crazy amounts

- I watch movies and game so mic input and surround sound capability is a nice-to-have

- I play guitar so line in for recording is a nice-to-have

- I like the idea of USB external better but would definitely consider internal soundcards too


Can anyone help me out here? It would be much appreciated. Thanks, in advance! :)