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Well that's the bottom line I guess what DACs would you suggest a listen of and what do you consider there characteristics?

I always listen to what all people have to say then form my own opinion & I think we all have to realise our tastes & opinions will vary and we must agree to differ.

Looks like the other meridian 563 i was looking at is sold now so back to square one on that front.

Looking at a bel canto 3 dac and power supply combo if it doesn't go for to high a price.

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No assumptions Colin and I'm perfectly aware it's a Forum.  Moreover a Forum with rules you have broken. One rule is not to comment on kit you have not heard and if you look back at your posts you commented on my modded Audio Note Dac which you cannot possibly have heard.



Re DACs to listen to, I would of course recommend the Wavelength Proton (the others use valve output stages /have separate psus so you may or may not wish for that style of DAC).


The problem is Wavelength is not currently available in the UK. But you can easily audition other members of the 'Wavelength family' i.e using the designer's patented Streamlength software. This would lead you to try the Audioquest Dragonfly and the Halide Bridge DAC. The first of these is designed completely by the Proton's designer.But there are many more out there.


I have not heard these particular bits of kit but magazine reviews indicate the same type of sound as I get from my Proton. Full bodied, 'analogue' sounding, with huge dynamics and great details from top to bottom frequency. And by 'analogue' I mean non tiring for extended listening and able to perform equally well across all types of music rather than bland.


As always, I caveat the sound I get as being in my system, therefore not necessarily reflecting how it might sound in yours. I also use an ultra low noise psu, so therefore so along with the Proton's batteries supplying juice for the critical bits, I have no reliance or connection at all to the computer's noisy psu.


Go listen and let us know how you get on!

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Oh sorry, forgot to mention the Ayre Dacs, which are available in the UK and also use the Streamlength technology

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thanks for the suggestions i'll have a look at them all,


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Assuming you want to run from USB, I'd recommend either the Ayre QB-9 or the Audiophilleo 1 / Rega DAC combination. The Ayre will have fewer inputs and look prettier with a more "gossamer" sound. The Rega will have better bass and a more neutral midrange and treble.

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No i'll be using the spdif from asus xonar essence st card.

I think the Regaa is going to be to much of a cheapy to satisfy,

The Ayre though looks like it is worth looking at.

Top of My list at the moment is Synthesis Matrix, Naim DAC and Bryston BDA1.


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The Ayre is a very nice DAC but the Rega is not cheap. With the right cables and a good USB to S/PDIF converter, I consider it more of a reference than the Ayre. As always, YMMV. :-)

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Are you sure I thought it retailed at £500 i'm looking at Dacs around the £2000 mark.

Do you really think it stands up???

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The Audiophilleo 1 / Locus Design Core S/PDIF cable / Rega DAC costs about the same as the Ayre QB-9 in the US and in a side by side comparison, I prefer the Rega-based "system". But that's just my tastes.

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