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Regarding Villa Lobos:


I STRONGLY believe one should start with his solo guitar music. In particular; his Preludes.

Why? Because despite writing much beautiful music, his genius was in this realm.

If you were to study classical guitar in a serious setting, most likely you will be introduced early on to the Preludes and the Etudes.

Prelude No.1 is often the first serious 20th century work the student is introduced to.Why not everyone else?


The conceptual breadth of solo guitar writing was extended greatly by the Preludes and Etudes.The reason I would suggest the Preludes is the freer composition motivations.

Being Etudes, the Etudes obviously each focus on a seperate technical point. Villa Lobos etudes are arguable much more interesting musically than any guitar etudes up to the point they were written.Technically, even more so.


Having a grasp of these works will IMO give a greater understanding of why Villa Lobos made other compositional decisions in his other music.

He often writes like a guitarist. For better or worse. 

As I said he wrote much fine music but this is the key.


Again, it`s hard to understate the effect his writing for solo guitar had on further efforts in guitar music.

Manuel Barrueco is an acknowledged master of this music.

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