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I just got the Horowitz Album Jacket and Carnegie Hall boxes, and I'm making my way through them. These are just as revelatory as the Rubinstein box set. Moreso in fact. Rubinstein had a stylistic shift over time that changed his music overall. As he went on, he became less impulsive and more magisterial. Horowitz wasn't at all like that. He could play the same piece on two successive days and it would be completely different. Every time he sat down to play, he was starting from scratch, experimenting, following his impulse. With his amazing technique, that is music making at its best.

Horowitz was another pianist like Rubinstein who I'd previously dismissed because I'd heard/seen clips on youtube that were 'old sounding' - I was more into powerful sounding piano concertos and bold strings back then (I still am), also my music preference was still too reliant on a catchy melody. 


Back then I would never have given something like the Kreisleriana the time of day.


Happily correcting that grave mistake these days. 


Edit: Speaking of Schumann, some more lovely music of his below.


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The Carnegie Hall box has a DVD of the breakthrough televised concert in 1968. It was broadcast in prime time on CBS(?) and made Horowitz a superstar. They say after that broadcast, it never took longer than an hour to sell out one of his performances. Sometimes he would add another and another and another and they would all sell out immediately.


I'm going to watch the DVD tomorrow. I remember watching it as a kid and being enthralled with his flat fingers. I look forward to seeing it again. They've combined the video with the stereo Columbia recording done at the same time. First time it's been seen in stereo.

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