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     There is a lot of judgement made on short listening sessions with equipment set ups people are not familar with and  sometimes with no attention paid to system compatablility.So maybe those initial impression leave many with false impressions of a components abilities.I have found over the years that if some attention is paid to system compatability and matching the performance of that amp,headphone,source,etc. you listen to can change quite dramatically for the better or worse when paired with a componenet that is sympatico or not sympatico with it.

    I read comments made on head-fi every day that can damn ones opinion of a component. This component does this well but is not the best at this aspect of sound reproduction.There is also the matter of a persons preferences in sound reproduction.Some may like prodigious bass while others may bask in the beauty of the the midrange.Others like dimensionallity.While others pine for dynamics.

There are so many aspects to recorded sound.It is darn hard if not impossible to expect any component to excell in everything.

  Things like power cords,interconnects fuses,etc. can have a very marked effect on the performance of a component.Things can be tough to get a good impression of in store showrooms.

  So for those of you who have a specific amp,headphone,etc. please do pass information on about things that either work or do not work well with that specific component.

   This is part of what makes head-fi such a great source for information.