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So whilst I'm familiar enough with iems and portables the world of amps is a whole new ball game.  I'm particularly interested in the fiio as they are easily available in the uk and widely regarded anyway.


I have a 64 gig ipod touch.  I'm fairly certain that the headphone jack on it is gone.  So thinking about getting a fiio to bypass it.  Would be using an lod with it.


So which fiio would be best for me?  The e7, e11 or e17.  Price isn't really an issue but getting the appropriate one is.  Listen to progressive rock/metal using a variety of iems (westone and minerva mainly).


Battery life isn't that important as would charge at the end of the day anyway.


Part of me is thinking "sod it get the e17 and be done" but is that the best one in this situation.