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Is AKG 701's + NuForce HD a Good match, or does a better QUALITY combo exist?

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Hi, I'm new here... tongue_smile.gif   Im exhausted, and have studied until I finally give up, and am "Finally" asking for help, and Im all ears basshead.gif
The subject matter here will sadly have to be read to know how high quality Im willing to go, but this is a subject to determine what is always confused in the forums...which is "Whats the best AMP/DAC combo for AKG Q701 Owners". Everything I type is in a nice manner, m just beyond exhausted, and have researched thru the night with 0 sleep. So, my description is Thorough (I hope) L3000.gif

I've exhausted myself on researching every DAC/AMP I can think of that I've ever seen, but I have no clue what to expect for my 100's of dollars. 
Will the NuForce HD (or HDP/Same, mostly) run AKG 701's to their fullest potential, and clarity? If I need a separate DAC to AMP higher, I will do so. I will pay what I must to bring out 100% of the product. 
I'm also hoping for a product that will run my Bass happy Audio Technica ATH-M50's. 

What Im searching for: More precision, faster response, more spaciousness, and basically everything associated with better Audio Quality. I dont mind running a different DAC for my Technicas if someone gets confused on "how" to help when I am talking about trying to run 2 different beasts that have 2 different driver signatures, not to mention 1 is Opened, while the other is Closed back. So, I understand that there will never be identical expectation per headphone.

CURRENTLY: I am running only a Fiio E6 to BOOST power. I am GENUINE when it comes to demanding the highest quality, and only bought the $20 Fiio because it was my "entry to understanding" some things in audio after just boosting incorrectly. I want precision. I am certainly what you would call a perfectionist, or demanding when it comes to trying to get the best quality. I do not care about looks. I of course wear massive Cans on my head for the pleasure of sound (While my Wife probably has to hold back from laughing at how ridiculous I look).

I tried to be as descriptive as possible, and please, dont run away. I need HELP! :)
Ive heard of higher end Fiio products making things muddy. So, Fioo Combos arent a benefit in audio quality. 

I Only run my Audio from my PC, and will need a Standalone unit (s). I am willing to spend $500, but not if it isnt neccassary. I say that because I know many will agree there are Many products that are worth multiple times their value.
Thank You, and Im sorry for typing so much, but have spent weeks of research, and cannot even get NuForce to reply to a "Simple" and Short email.
Thank You so much in advance. My brain is fried trying to figure how I can find a USB/DAC that I can connect to a separate amp, or again, if the NuForce HD DAC/AMP is MORE than enough to run the AKG 701's (since they will be tougher than the Technicas) then I will gladly spend the $300 for the NuForce Icon HD if any 701 owners feel and explain that it is in my best interest until I move up to a higher impedance headphone :)

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Audio GD NFB-15 my friend, it's the improved version of what I have and if you look at my gear, I have some pretty serious stuff.


It's a great DAC/amp while scales really well with your gear.

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I also ordered a NFB-15.1 for my Q701's a few days ago ;)

Currently I'm running the Q701 and Fiio E17 - so I'm hoping on an improvement seing as I am underpowering these babies atm!


I also heard the Matrix M stage does very well with the Q701's - but thats only an AMP as I understood it, buying the NFB15.1 and getting both an AMP/DAC seemed like a steal for me!


Keep in mind I havn't tested the combo yet, but people says the NFB12.1 (older version of NFB15.1) does well with the Q701 - so i'm hoping on similar results!

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