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piccolin LOD for Ipod's

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Any 1 know where to find this LOD? Searching hi and low and no Results.Please real retailers!

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Jaben is the only commercial outfit selling Piccolino anything.  You could contact them.  They sell a Piccolino mini to mini cable.  

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Jaben apparently sell it. whether it's a genuine Crystal Cable's Piccolino, it's something that I'd question. if I'm not mistaken, Jaben seem to have a few stores in Idonesia, so you might be even able to audition the cable.


also, try to contact Parrot. he bought a few piccolinos, and likely can give you more info.

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There is no question whether it is genuine.  I've talked with Gabi, CEO of Crystal, and she says they're the only company publicly dealing headphone cables made with their wire.  

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wow, if that's the case, I'm super glad to hear that. I assumed the Piccolino was not available any more.


there was thread awhile ago about the differences between Piccolo and Piccolino cables. someone said it was the same cable re-branded Piccolino, to avoid copyright or something. then someone else, who apparently had both, said they're not the same, and even posted pics to prove it. other comments said it was a limited edition, and in limited supply, but some else denied that. and the fact that Piccolino is no where to be found on Crystal Cable site. that's why my doubts about being genuine.


I guess Crystal Cable are making the Piccolino exclusively for Jaben? there's not much info about this cable. such as: why Crystal Cable has made this cable in the first place?


maybe I'll give Gabi a call myself tongue.gif. thanks for the update.

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I'm not sure when Piccolino was developed.  It's essentially a smaller spinoff of other Crystal products, scaled specifically for headphone cable use.  Gabi explained to me that it's meant expressly for this purpose, that its insulation and everything about it is meant for being as flexible and durable as possible.  I don't think it was developed for Jaben alone, but it isn't something that Crystal promotes directly.  I could be wrong.  It isn't limited edition although they don't produce massive amounts of it.  To my knowledge, it's made in house at Crystal, which explains why it costs what it does.  


Piccolo I believe is significantly larger and stiffer, and is an interconnect wire.  It is solidcore, I think.  Whereas Piccolino is quite tiny and is very flexible due to being stranded at its core.  


Not just everyone can buy it.  I basically had to be interviewed, and had to be an actual member of the trade, just to buy a small amount to try out for myself.  Typically minimum order quantity is pretty high for it, to the tune of five figures USD, although Gabi may make exceptions.  She wants the product to be properly represented essentially, she doesn't want Piccolino to be everywhere in everybody's builds, the finished product is intended to look nice.  Just like if you were a big company such as Audioquest...would you take your top cable, break it down into its substituent wires, then let every DIYer on the block buy it direct from you by the foot and make cables of varying success and appearance then post the results all over the internet?  Jaben is a skilled and experienced reseller with stores all over the world, so they were the right fit to build cables with this wire.  It takes essentially custom tools to work with it and many people who don't know what they're in for are going to mangle the wire trying to make something out of it.  


Disclaimer:  I have no opinion of Crystal products, I do not resell Crystal products, I have never built anything commercially with Crystal products, etc etc

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that makes a lot of sense. I'm really glad to know that Jaben is a proper re-seller and not just a diy'er. thanks so much for the info...appreciated.

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Toxic Cables sells them! 

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Originally Posted by LemanRuss9 View Post

Toxic Cables sells them! 

Yes, myself and only one other company are authorised dealers, for Piccolino.

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