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Hi everyone.


I need a new pair of headphone for my pc. I have been out of this world for like 1-2 years, so i am really not aware of the new products.


Basically i am looking for:


- Open Back design (or at least Half Open). For example not as open as a Grado or as a HD800, but not close like an Ultrasone PRO 900.

- A really solid headphone (no wood and "easy to damage" headphone). I will not be the only one to use them, so i cannot assure that the will be used in a good way. Actually i can assure the contrary.

- Easy to drive headphone. Most of time I will use them directly out of the terrible pc jack audio out.

- If possibile, a light weight headphone

- Price must be under 200$.


Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.