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Looking for Help on Headphones

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I'm going portable with my new love for making music (Dubstep/Electro House/ Hip Hop)


So I got a New Macbook Pro/Tools and soon will have everything setup. Now I need a good pair of audio headphones to go with my portable studio. Since I do a lot of traveling I find myself in weird locations bored outta my mind. I want to pull out the Macbook, plug in headphones and immerse myself in music creation :D


That being said, I'm willing to spend up to 2k on a headphone set up.. (Since that'll be the most important part). BUT i do also want the capability to plug in my headphones to my Ipod and listen to my tracks I've made without looking like a I have 2 wall speakers on my ears. I know I'll have to substitute sound quality for style/comfort (since I'll have these on my head for awhile) but for the price I'm willing to pay, i shouldnt be losing that much. 


If anyone can give me recommendations of how i can get the best sound quality will be extremely appreciated: I'm looking for "over the ear" headphones and a possible headphone amp?

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I'm a bit of a basshead and I run Ultrasone Pro 900's through an ALO Audio National... The Pro 900 IMHO is the reigning bass champion hands down... perfect for electronic music... none of the flagships Audeze, Senn, Beyer or Grado cans can step to it with Electronic... they are beautiful technical giants but the Sones just slaughter them in terms of impact... Plus you can plug in direct to your ipod and get a really good sound... its alot more crowded thru the iPod but still decent.

The other closed can that can bring major impact to the table is the Denon D5k and 7k. They're a bit more balanced but dont rattle your ear drums as hard either.

As far as portsble rigs... I use the National and I'm totally happy with it but I know its not the final word in portable units.... The RxMk3 is supposed to be a hard hitting beast but i dont know myself.. Matrix just put a new portable out that is supposedly good and RSA is always a shortlist contender.

If you're looking to spend a bunch of money I'd get a few different cans rather than blow $1500 on one pair... different house sounds work better with different genres.
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Producing/mixing music on overly bassy non-neutral headphones isn't going to translate well onto speakers. You shouldn't buy a $2000 headphone setup for this. I would suggest a decent efficient relatively neutral headphone for creation. Mastering is a whole different matter. A simple KRK KNS 8400 should cover your creation needs. Or even a GMP with low impedance.


Saved ya $1600+.


Now if you just want a fun headphone to listen to while you're out and about, casually listening and enjoying music, not doing content creation, then by all means throw down as much money as you please. Maybe an Ultrasone SIG PRO with a portable amp like a Fiio E17. Or maybe a modded T50RP Mad Dog with Fiio E17. Still saves you $1000.


Very best,

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